Danny Boyle is a British film producer, director, and screenwriter. His some of the very famous work include - Slumdog Millionaire Click to look into! >> Read More... , Steve Jobs Click to look into! >> Read More... , etc. He was born on the 20th day of October 1956 in Radcliffe, Greater Manchester. He was brought up in a Catholic family. He was an altar boy for eight years. He later studied in Bolton at the Thornleigh Salesian College. He studied English and drama at the Bangor University.

After schooling, he started his career as a director of the Joint Stock Theatre Company. He has also directed five productions for the Royal Shakespeare Company. One of his major works at the theatre was The Children’s Monologs in the year 2010. He was the Director for the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics. He has also worked as the producer for the BBC Northern Ireland in television.

Boyle had an immense love for movies. The first movie he watched was the Apocalypse Now. That film affected him very much. His debut movie as a director was Shallow Grave. That film earned many fortunes in the year 1995 and taking the lead; he produced Trainspotting. These two movies directed by him made his career; critics claimed that he has changed the era of the British Cinema. Then he went for a big leap to the Hollywood. He directed The Beach starring Leonardo DiCaprio He’s one of the most searched icons in the web for >> Read More... . Then he teamed up with author Alex Garland to make the horror thriller 28 Days Later. He has also directed some short films.

In the year 2008, Boyle directed Slumdog Millionaire. It was his biggest achievement till date. The movie shows the life of a slum boy who ends up winning millions on a television show. The shooting of the film was done in the city of Bombay. The film shows how one’s life experience can win millions. The film also moves around the love story of the slum boy, and how he gets his love of life after winning millions. That movie won many hearts worldwide. Slumdog Millionaire has won eight Oscars. Danny won the Best Director Academy Award.

His next project was 127 Hours in the year 2010. It is the true story of an American sports hiker, Aron Ralston. The movie shows that he was hiking alone in the Utah desert, and he got his hands damaged. Being helpless chopped his arm with a knife to survive. James Franco James Franco is a prominent American actor and dir >> Read More... did an amazing performance portraying Ralston. He will also be directing sequel of some of his films. His one the most loved production was the biopic of Steve Jobs. The movie was a hit worldwide.

Daniel Stern English Actor

Daniel Stern

An American actor, director, and screenwriter, Daniel Jacob Stern is most renowned for his roles in movies like Diner, Breaking Away, City Slickers, C.H.U.D., and the first two films of the Home Alone Series. He is also well known for the work of his voice on The Wonder Years. He has done a variety of roles in different genres proving time and again his effortless acting skills. Some of his other films include Rookie of the Year, My Blue Heaven, Otis, Whip it, Little Monsters, etc. Daniel was born in Bethesda, Maryland to humble Jewish parents. His father was a social worker, and his mother managed a day care center. According to Daniel, he knew that his wish was to become an actor ever since he was fourteen, and so his interest in theater dates back to his days at Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School where he starred in several roles like C.C. Baxter and Tevye in Promises, Promises, and Fiddler on the Roof respectively. Although he applied for the job of a lighting engineer at a Shakespeare festival in Washington, but as destiny would have it, Stern got selected as a walk-in actor for one of their plays. Very soon Daniel recognized his passion and talent for acting and after dropping off high school, he went straight to New York, from where he took his acting lessons. His mentors were Austin Pendleton and Herbert Berghof from the HB Studios. And after that, there was no turning back for Daniel. He worked for various productions at various theaters and went on to earn fame and money in the world of Hollywood cinema. Breaking Away was his debut film that got released in the year 1979. Daniel Jacob Stern is mostly known for the comic role of Marv Murchens, the burglar that he played in the two Home Alone movies. The actor earned a lot of acclaim for this particular part of his career. Not only acting, but Daniel has also tried his hands at direction. He directed some episodes of the television series The Wonder years and also two episodes of Manhattan. He has worked as the screenwriter, actor, and director for the television show Danny on CBS. The story of Daniel’s talent doesn’t end here. He is also a wonderful artist who specializes in bronze sculpture. In fact, he has worked as a sculpture for government art projects in Palm Desert, Agoura Hills, Pasadena, etc. He has also designed sculptures for private enterprises. The best achievement of Daniel’s career in the Hollywood film industry has been his nomination for the American Comedy Awards as the funniest supporting actor in the movie City Slickers.


Darren Aronofsky

Film Director, Screenwriter, Film producer and Environmentalist Darren Aronofsky was born on 12th of February in 1969. Often the multi-Tasker, Darren was most known for his movies which were characterized to be incongruous. The persons he collaborated with on regular intervals were Matthew Libatique who is a cinematographer, Andrew Weisblum who is a film editor and composer Clint Mansell. He is also referred to as a controversial filmmaker as his films often created a lot of buzz on sensitive topics. Darren was a student at Harvard University, where he studied the subject of Social Anthropology. Later he also studied Direction at The American Film Institute. "Pi" was his debut movie, which was a thriller film. "Requiem Of A Dream" was another drama that followed, which got him an Academy Award. There are various other projects like "The Fighter" and "Black Swan" which he was associated with and which succeeded in garnering critical acclaim as well as public’s appreciation. He is often quoted as saying that he is very inspired from Akira Kurosawa and Federico Fellini. And also from a Director from Japan named Shinya Tsukamoto. He fell in love with Rachel Weisz, who was an English actress in 2001 to whom he later got engaged in 2005 and has a son named Henry Chance. Later they separated and Darren started dating Brandi-Ann Milbradt who is a Canadian film producer. The reports of them being separated started doing rounds in 2015. Thus, like his movies, his life can also be termed as controversial.

Darren Aronofsky English Actor