Birthday: 27-05-1978
Age: 41
Star sign: Gemini

Born on 27 May 1978, Brad is a native of Canada and an American film and television producer as well as a writer. Brad Peyton grew up in the small town of Gander in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. He had a flair for listening and telling stories from his early childhood only. Belonging to the city of Newfoundland in Canada, which is an abode of arts and crafts and the ethos is of core creativity, Brad was bound to be who he is today. Peyton has managed to carve a distinct place in the Hollywood film Industry today given his incredible movies and his delightful directing skills. The director is currently dating actress Breanne Hill. Brad was born and raised in Canada. He finished his schooling from his native state and pursued his graduation from the Canadian Film Centre. While in his senior ear of graduation, at the college, Peyton produced a short film which was titled “Evelyn: The Cutest Evil Dead Girl.”

The movie which was a gothic comedy revolved around the story of an undead young teenager who kept trying to kill herself continuously. This movie got appreciation from all his classmates. However, it was filmmaker Jeremy Odeswa who suggested Peyton to show the film to a lawyer in New York and to get it publicly distributed. Thus, the movie got distributed among audiences and filmmakers and was widely appreciated. It also got featured at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2002 as well as got nominated for the Genie Award. This short film was Peyton’s first step towards worldwide success. After the success of his short film, Peyton pitched a television series idea to the people at CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) network which was accepted and aired on the channel in 2006. The series was an animation 13-episode chain called “What It’s like to Be Alone.” It was an amalgam of gothic horror and Victorian fantasy. As a result, it generated quite a cult following.

Peyton soon became a hit and started receiving calls from the United States and in particular, from Tom Hanks’s agents in Los Angeles and in no time, he had signed a contract to be a head writer at the Universal Pictures. Soon afterward, in 2008, Peyton got the opportunity to direct the movie “Cats & Dogs: Revenge of Kitty Galore” which was a sequel to the film “Cats & Dogs.” The flick had a big budget and was animation intensive. Thus, it took him two years to conclude the project, and the movie finally released in 2010. The movie was a success and grossed 113 million dollars at the box-office. From there, Peyton never looked back and had produced and directed various big-budgeted successful pictures. In the year 2012, Peyton directed the movie “Journey 2: The Mysterious Island” which was a sequel to the classic movie “Journey to the Centre of the Earth.” It featured Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in the principal role and was an enormous hit at the box-office with over 300 million dollars of earning. Following this, Peyton also directed Dwayne Johnson in the 2015 movie, “ San Andreas.”

The picture followed the plot of the aftermath of the receding of the San Andreas Fault line and is a disaster thriller. The movie was his highest grossing film touching almost a 500 dollars in box-office earnings. In the same year of 2015, Peyton also directed a horror flick titled “ Incarnate” which starred another WWE Superstar, Mark Henry along with Aaron Eckhart. Brad Peyton has come a long way from his Canadian hometown to becoming one of Hollywood’s most sought after director. He has managed to direct various big budget films with a large margin of profitable earnings. His friendship and professional relation with Dwayne Johnson is quite a famous one. His two upcoming projects are- “The Rampage” and a follow-up to the Journey series titled “Journey 3: From Earth to Moon”. Both of these movies will feature Dwayne Johnson in the lead role which takes their count for collaboration on the big screen up to four times. Peyton has also been called as the “Next Steven Spielberg” by his San Andreas producer, Beau Flynn.  

Ava DuVernay English Actress

Ava DuVernay

Ava Marie DuVernay was born on 24th August, 1972, in the Long Beach city of California, United States of America. She is the daughter of Darlene Maye, who was an educator, and Joseph DuVernay, Jr., who was a businessman. Ava is the eldest of her five brothers and sisters. She did her schooling from the Saint Joseph High School, Los Angeles County. She graduated from high school in 1990. She pursued her graduation in Bachelors in English and American-African Studies from the California University, LA. She has done a double major in this subject. Ava was an intern at CBS News and also covered the murder trial of O. J. Simpson. Before starting her career as a director, she held the position of a publicist at Savoy Pictures, FOX, and other such major firms. In 1999, she established her marketing agency called The DuVernay Agency (later: DVA Media + Marketing). This firm marketed more than a hundred movies. DVA has also received an award for its exceptional work. She decided to take up direction in 2008. She made her directorial debut with This Is the Life. It was a documentary film, based on the hip hop movement in the Los Angeles of the 1990s, and its popular, The Good Life Cafe. She gained major success with her first narrative film, I Will Follow. It was a small budget film, which was made in just fifteen days. The movie was a massive success and received amazing reviews. Later, it was also selected for the AFI Fest and Urbanworld. One of the most successful works of Ava has been the movie, ‘Selma’. It was a historical movie inspired by Selma to Montgomery March of 1965, to demand the right to vote. The movement was headed by human rights activist, Martin Luther King Jr. Ava got the inspiration for making this movie in her childhood days when she used to spend her summers at Alabama, and it was here when her father told her about the marches of Selma. The movie was caught in many controversies, but in spite of it, the movie was a major success and received many nominations and awards. She has also produced some major shows, like the Queen Sugar, Oprah Winfrey Network, etc. She is also the writer of many shows in the American TV industry. Ava is the recipient of the African- American Film Critics Award for the Best Screenplay (movie: I Will Follow). She got two Best Director Awards for the movie Selma, by the Black Film Critics Circle, and the Central Ohio Film Critics Association. She was also awarded the Best Woman Director Award from the Alliance of Women Film Journalists, for the movie Selma.


David Frankel

Not all directors can make movies on inspiring stories. They should have a part in their heart that can understand, appreciate and learn the meaning beneath the storyline. The heights of creativity the story demands, need to be met by the director. He should be committed to change the thoughts to real situations. Such an incredible director is David Frankel. David Frankel's birth took place on April 2, 1959, in New York City, USA. His parents are Tobia Simone and Max Frankel. Max Frankel have been the executive editor for The New York Times for eight years, from 1986 to 1994. Sooner or later, David Frankel completed his graduation from Harvard University. David Frankel got introduced to Hollywood as a director for the 1995 film, Miami Rhapsody. With the very first film itself, he tried being the director, co-producer, and writer. This flick is a romantic comedy that portrays a clash between the career and life, added with the flavor of relationship. Sarah Jessica Parker, and Gil Bellows, along with some side actors, starred in the flick, and it received the Artios Award for Best Casting For Feature Film. Then, he came up with Dear Diary. Dear Diary was a flop at first, but after re-editing by ABC, it transformed into a short film and turned out to be a hit. It starred Bruce Altman, and Cheryl Freeman. This film received an Oscar in the Best Live Action Short Film category. In 2006, he came up with yet another blockbuster called The Devil Wears Prada. It was a book adaption of the same name by Lauren Weisberger. Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt received many rewards for their acting. The film is a commercial and critical hit. It got nominations for two Oscar Awards and won some prestigious awards like Golden Globe Award, and AFI Award for the Best Movie Of The Year. Marley & Me was his next film in 2008, based on the book by John Grogan. Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston, who acted in the film, got a stable career then. The flick won the BMI Film Music Award and one more prestigious award. The dog's life makes the storyline of the movie. The Big Year, in 2011, is the film which focused on bird enthusiasts. Jack Black and Steve Martin starred in this flick and received positive response. One Chance was his next cinema, in which James Carden and Julie Walters starred in the lead roles. This movie was inspired by the real life of Paul Potts, who got a chance to appear in the show, Britain's Got Talent. It received nominations for two Golden Globe Awards and won one Audience Choice Awards. Apart from the film industry, David Frankel loves playing tennis, golf, and he tied the knot to a birder, Jennifer Beber. They have twins.

David Frankel English Actor