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Alexander Maxwell is an American movie and commercial director, screenwriter, and producer. He was born on May 24, 1989. As a teenager, he took a keen interest in the processes that go behind the making of motion pictures.

Alexander began his career as a screenwriter with 2005, short, science-fiction film, titled, "To the Edge of the Galaxy." Ryan Delk directed the film. Alexander made his debut as a director with 2009, short film, titled, "Burr."

The short film is an adventure thriller, featuring, Matthew Bondy, Koz McRae, and Quinn Lavoie-Higgins. The short film received much critical attention. 2014, music video, named, "U," by Gareth Emery, marked the beginning of Maxwell's producing career.

The musical was written, produced, and directed by Alexander Maxwell. The video starred Gareth Emery and Bo Bruce. Not many people are aware of the fact that apart from being a director, a screenwriter, and a producer, Alexander Maxwell also works as a part of the Editorial Team.

He worked as a colorist in 2008, short movie, named, "In A Dream," and in 2010, short film, titled, "In Good Hands." The year 2015, brought huge success and fame to Alexander Maxwell in the form of a short film, titled, "Yellow." The film explores the lifestyle of racers in New Jersey.

The movie is written and directed by Alexander Maxwell and Alexander Hankoff, cinematographer. The film's shooting was done over a period of one week, in Bridgeport, New Jersey. When asked about their experience of making the film, Maxwell claimed that the making of "Yellow," made him step out of his comfort zone, and explore a lifestyle beyond his.

He also added that to make the film as realistic as possible, Hankoff and he would visit the racing tracks of Bridgeport every weekend, to see the races, to interact with the racers, and their immediate families. All of the efforts gave an effect of a Documentary on the movie.

The film includes actual racing scenes to provide real effects. "Yellow" received critical appreciation, it premiered at various significant film festivals and online too. The film won over eight awards within a few weeks of its release.

Thus, Maxwell is a multi-talented part of the short film industry. He is a voice for all those who are not visible on the silver screen, but without whose assistance, the motion picture could not be as successful as it is.


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