Patty Jenkins

Other names of Patty Jenkins: Patricia Lea Jenkins, Patricia Jenkins
Birthday: 23-07-1971
Age: 47
Star sign: Leo

Patricia Jenkins is an American film director, film producer, and screenwriter. Her full name is Patricia Lea Jenkins. She was born on July 24, and the year 1971. She was born in George Airforce Base, Victorville, California, United States. Her spouse name is Sam Sheridan. Marriage year for both is 2007.

Patty's father name is William T. Jenkins. He was an Air Force captain and fighter pilot. Her mother name is Emily Roth, who is an environmental scientist and lives in San Francisco. Emily has an older sister, whose name is Elaine Roth. Her mother keeps her busy in movies so that she can do her work. This situation builds the interest of films in Patty. She was much obsessed with the superheroes. Moreover, after that, she wants to be one. She did her kinder garden junior high school from Lawrence, Kansas.

She did graduate from the Cooper Union for the advancement of science and art in the year 1993. She did her post-graduation in direction with the American Film Institute's AFI Conservatory in the year 2000. She is a fan of films of Pedro Almodovar. He is the director of a short film Velocity Rules in the year 2001. Sam is also the author of the book A Fighter's Heart. Patty and Sam have a son. They live in Santa Monica, California.

Her upcoming movie is ‘ Wonder Woman 1984.' In her filmography, she is the winner of as a director and actor for the films Velocity Rules in the year 2001 for the category of Best Short films at Telluride Indiefest. She is also the winner for movie Monster in the year 2003 for the category of Independent Spirit Awards for Best First Features. She is the director, Writer, and producer for the film Wonder Woman 1984.

She also did television ‘Arrested Development' in the year 2004, Entourage in the year 2006, The Sarah Silverman Program in the year 2008, ‘Five' in the year 2011, the killing from the year 2011 to 2012, Betrayal in the year 2013. Her some other programs is Exposed in the year 2015, I Am the Night in the year 2019. She is the winner of American Film Institute, USA for the Franklin J. Schaffner Award in the year 2004. She is also the winner in Cannes Film Festival for Kering Women in Motion Award in the year 2018. She is the winner of the National Board of Review.

Alexander Maxwell English Actor

Alexander Maxwell

Alexander Maxwell is an American movie and commercial director, screenwriter, and producer. He was born on May 24, 1989. As a teenager, he took a keen interest in the processes that go behind the making of motion pictures. Alexander began his career as a screenwriter with 2005, short, science-fiction film, titled, "To the Edge of the Galaxy." Ryan Delk directed the film. Alexander made his debut as a director with 2009, short film, titled, "Burr." The short film is an adventure thriller, featuring, Matthew Bondy, Koz McRae, and Quinn Lavoie-Higgins. The short film received much critical attention. 2014, music video, named, "U," by Gareth Emery, marked the beginning of Maxwell's producing career. The musical was written, produced, and directed by Alexander Maxwell. The video starred Gareth Emery and Bo Bruce. Not many people are aware of the fact that apart from being a director, a screenwriter, and a producer, Alexander Maxwell also works as a part of the Editorial Team. He worked as a colorist in 2008, short movie, named, "In A Dream," and in 2010, short film, titled, "In Good Hands." The year 2015, brought huge success and fame to Alexander Maxwell in the form of a short film, titled, "Yellow." The film explores the lifestyle of racers in New Jersey. The movie is written and directed by Alexander Maxwell and Alexander Hankoff, cinematographer. The film's shooting was done over a period of one week, in Bridgeport, New Jersey. When asked about their experience of making the film, Maxwell claimed that the making of "Yellow," made him step out of his comfort zone, and explore a lifestyle beyond his. He also added that to make the film as realistic as possible, Hankoff and he would visit the racing tracks of Bridgeport every weekend, to see the races, to interact with the racers, and their immediate families. All of the efforts gave an effect of a Documentary on the movie. The film includes actual racing scenes to provide real effects. "Yellow" received critical appreciation, it premiered at various significant film festivals and online too. The film won over eight awards within a few weeks of its release. Thus, Maxwell is a multi-talented part of the short film industry. He is a voice for all those who are not visible on the silver screen, but without whose assistance, the motion picture could not be as successful as it is.


Annabel Jankel

Annabel Jankel is a British TV and film director. She first started as a music video director and the director and co-creator of Max Headroom, a fictional artificial intelligence character. Annabel Jankel was born on 1st of June in the year 1955 at London in England. She started her career as a director from the year 1978 and still active in the field. Annabel Jankel has a sister Chaz Jankel who is a musician and songwriter and a member of the new wave band named Ian Dury & The Blockheads. In the 1950s, Annabel Jankel collaborated with director Rocky Morton and founded a company called Cucumber Studios based in the UK which is a film production company. They were introducing new ideas to the field through the emerging art of computer graphics, live action, and animation. This combo produced music videos, TV title sequences, and TV commercials. They have created music videos of artists like Elvis Costello for Accidents Will Happen, Rush for The Enemy Within, Tom Tom Club for Genius of Love, Talking Head for Blind, Pleasure of Love for Don't Say No, Miles Davis for Decoy and Donald Fagen for New Frontier. Jankel and Morgon have even won the Emmy Award for the title sequence of Friday Night Videos, an NBC show in the year 1985. In the same year, their work for the commercial of a soft drink named Quatro was recognized at the British Television Advertising Awards. In the year 2003, the Museum of Modern Arts set an exhibition of Golden Oldies Of Music Video. The music video of Elvis Costello for Accidents Will Happen which was done by Jankel and Morgon found itself in the showcase as one among 35 videos. Jankel and Morgon then wrote a book on the history and future of computer graphics in a book called Creative Computer Graphics in the year 1984. The creation of the fictional artificial intelligence character Max Headroom by Jankel and Morgan became very influential in the science fiction TV in the 1980s and impacted the culture. This lead a way to the creation of a television movie Max Headroom: 20 Minutes into the Future which was directed by the duo. After this, they received an offer to direct another film in Los Angeles called D. O. A. having Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid in the cast which is a remake of an old movie released in 1949 by the same name. They then directed the movie Super Mario Bros. Later, Annabel Jankel directed commercials for clients like Coca-Cola, Sealy, Bud Light, Bacardi, AOL and many more. She has won many advertising awards like World's Best-Humor Commercial, Best Directed Commercial, Best of Show and Best TV Commercial Campaign.

Annabel Jankel English Actress