Louie Spence is a dancer, choreographer, and an artistic director. He was born on April 6, 1969 and is an Aries. He was born in Ponders End, Enfield in London but grew up in Braintree, Essex. He is the sibling of the famous actress Kelly East. His talent was seen by his parents at a very young age; they even re-mortgaged their home for his sake. At the age of 13, he was already starring in the West End’s Bugsy Malone. Determined to be a great dancer, Spence was admitted into the renowned Italia Conti Stage School. He worked with many famous artists such Ray Charles Miss Saigon, Take That, Bjork, Stevie Wonder, and Cats, but his prized tour was with the Spice Girls. He worked closely with Pet Shop Boys on their debut musical “Closer to Heaven”.

He got a break in movies, in Jonathan Newman’s ‘Swinging with the Finkels’. Spence did a lot of work in the television world starting up as the dance teacher on Sky’s Cirque De Celebrite, but it was the Pineapple Dance Studios that made him a household name. In 2008, he was hired by an American reality show as a judge for their prime time show, ‘Celebrity Circus’. In 2011 Louis was signed up as a judge on ‘Dancing on Ice’ along with Robin Cousins, Karen Barber, and Katarina Witt. Louie also made an appearance in the hit sitcom Big Brother Click to look into! >> Read More... Big Brother in 2013. Louie believed that his creation Louis Spence: Taxi Driver would make him famous, but the show never worked. Similarly, he tried his hand as a presenter for a TV gig called Show business in 2011 which was cancelled after a while.

Many people believed the reason for his failure was his attitude. According to reports, he was abusive and arrogant on and off screen. During a show, Tour De Celeb spencer abused the show writers and tried to flirt with a camera man. Despite his abusive attitude many celebrities still believe he is the “go to guy” for dancers and choreographers. Recently recruited by SpinGenie.com as its new face Louie is still very much in the game. In an interview, Spencer agreed boldly that he has anxiety issues and has been suffering from anxiety, panic attacks, and palpitations ever since his mother passed away. On 29 September 2011, Spence brought out his autobiography, “Still Got It, Never Lost It!” published by the company HarperCollins.