English Dancer ( 0 - 12 )

Sagar Mhadolkar

Caroline Wilde

Amrapali Ambegaokar

Richa Moorjani

Jovanna Huguet

Toni Basil


Dance Is Not Just Body Movements But A Life For The Dancers

A dancer is someone who with the help of body movements tries to express their emotions, ideas and stories in performances. Dancers train themselves by learning, practicing and perfecting their dance skills. Dancers go for auditioning at the show or for a job with a dance company. They learn unusual moves that entertain the audiences. Dancers spend several hours in rehearsals to build themselves for their performances. They learn new type of dances or even create their own moves with creative ideas.

They attend promotional events for the production in which they appear. To be a successful dancer, balance is the most important element to learn as falling or losing sense of rhythm is not a good sign of an excellent dancer. Dancers perform as a part of group in different styles, which includes ballet, musical theatre and modern dance companies. Many of them perform on television or in music video in which they sing and act in the shows. Some dancers go on to start their own dance studios. When they run their own business they also do non-dance related work such as thinking ways to get more students enroll, deciding tuition charges, arranging schedules, managing books and deciding if there is a need to hire more trainers.