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Maria Bello English Movie Actress
Born: 18 April 1967

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Maria Bello - (Movie Actress)

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Born: 18 April 1984

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America Ferrera - (Movie Actress)

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Born: 18 April 1922

Lived For 94 Years

Barbara Hale - (Movie Actress)

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Born: 18 April 1979

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Kourtney Kardashian - (TV-Actress)

Edgar Wright English Producer
Born: 18 April 1974

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Edgar Wright - (Producer)

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Born: 18 April 1990

Age Now 34

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Eli Roth English Movie Actor
Born: 18 April 1972

Age Now 52

Eli Roth - (Movie Actor)


Photography Begins From Here, And Ends Here

Heading the camera crew, the Director of Photography, referred to as DoP or DP, takes charge of all the aspects of the film that deals with photography. They handle all the artistic and technical aspects related to the images. Selecting the camera, lenses, storage, and filters is the job of the DoP and they work in accordance of the Film Director. They work closely with the post-production team for correcting the colour schemes and grading. They constantly keep up with the art crew and work with the make-up and hair team, costume and styling team, and most importantly, the Light Department.

At the time of designing and decorating the set, the set decorators collaborate with the Cinematographer and the Light Team so as to figure out the positioning the lights and the cameras to get the best view and eventually the appropriate shot. They immediately grasp the ideas of the director and plan their shots accordingly- this demands quick decision-making capabilities and thorough knowledge of the Cinema and Photography. They helm the photography crew and collaborate with the Camera Operator, first assistant camera, second assistant camera and key grip. Gaffer's also coordinate with them to set the appropriate lights for a shot and get the perfect click. The DP, along with the team, arrives early at the set to set up all the equipment and keep everything ready for the day’s shoot. They also decide the camera accessories for a particular sequence- like the cranes and dollies.