Toni Basil

Other names of Toni Basil: Tony Basil, Antonia Christina Basilotta

Antonia Christina Basilotta, better known as Toni Basil,is an American singer, actress, choreographer, dancer, and filmmaker. She wasBorn on 22nd September 1943 in Pennsylvania, U.S. She is widely known for her worldwide multimedia hit, Mickey, in 1981. The worldwide release resulted in turning her into an overnight sensation. Jacqueline Jessica Anderson, mother of Toni Basil,was versatile on stage comedian. Louis Basilotta, her father, was an orchestra player.

Toni attended her high school in Las Vegas,where she was the school's cheerleader for the sports department.Her graduation is carried out in the year 1961. Toni then attended dance classes and incorporated the cheerleader experience into it.In 1981 the performance of Mickey was highly appreciated by the audience. The costume that she wore in the video was the same costume she used to put on during her high school.

When it comes to achievements, she has all that a star desires which includes, Grammy nomination for “word of mouth” in 1983, winning outstanding achievement in choreography for “The smother brothers” in 1988, four nominations in American photography awards, hip Hop international legend award, Los Angeles street dance award, and innovator lifetime achievement awards.