English Choreographer ( 0 - 12 )

Amrapali Ambegaokar

Andy Blankenbuehler

Melissa Barak

Christopher Bruce

Matthew Bourne

Mauro Bigonzetti

Bruno Beltrao

Toni Basil

Richard Alston


How Does A Choreographer Expresses His Emotion?

A choreographer sets and directs routines used in dance and performances. They have a passion for dance and they also love to inspire others by their creative thoughts. As a professional the choreographer spends time in innovating, editing, inventing and practicing the routines. A choreographer ensures that they level up with their professionalism and provide entertainment to the audiences and judges. A choreographer listens to the music that is being used and works out with the timings to coordinate with the beats of the music.

It requires a lot of time to set dance moves and routines. They work with the dancers; teach them by giving proper instructions. It takes weeks or months providing direction and also an encouragement to the dancers. There are some necessary changes made in the routine to make it perfect. A choreographer makes sure that the dance is perfect for the audience to watch. The choreographer also helps actors and singers to develop their character, selecting rhythm and pacing to enhance the performance. A choreographer helps the celebrities to create their own signature step. This brings them into the spotlight. Choreographers have a very keen sense of who are their artist’s and who are their target audience’s.