Bruno Beltaro is a renowned Brazilian choreographer who was born on19 September 1979 in Niteroi, Rio de Janerio, Brazil. He has worked since 1996 with his GroupoDe Rua.He is the director, choreographer, who is known for creating an abstract choreographic landscape. Uses of urban dance style in the context of conceptual theatre and has mixed various influences including, hip hop. Since childhood, he was fascinated by cinematographic and computer-generated three-dimensional universes and wanted to direct films. He started his unpredictable relationship with Hip Hop at the age of 13 years he began to dance in Matinee in his hometown.

He undergoes his first dance lesson from the Israeli teacher Yoram Szabo in 1994. Ayear later, he begin to instruct Street Dance, in academics of the city and his studies were heckle. At the age of 16 in 1996, he created the Groupo DeRua De Niteroi with his companion Rodrigo Banardi. During the starting years, GRN was committed doing competitive dance and made a presence at festivals and on television. During this period, when they were devoted toward the hip hop, the technique of street dance were usually translated to the stage no longer attracted audience interest.

On the opposite hand, they started to bring hip hop dance out of the limitation of its definition. In 2000, he applied in the dance academy of the “Centro Universitario da Cidade” in Rio de Janerio and eventually in 2001 his duet piece from Popping to pop debuted at the Duos da danca no Sesc, in Copacabana. This was his official debut on the contemporary dance scene in Rio de Janerio. It was his carriers turning point. In 2001 with dancer Eduardo Herman son he created me and my choreographer in 63. At the end of 2001 Rodrigo Banardo left the company. In 2002, Groupo de Rua had an International Tour.

They represented in 33 countries:Portuguese, Spain, Hungary, Greece, Norway, United States, Uruguay, Syria, Tunisia, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, South Korea, Japan, Argentina, Canada, Singapore, England, Scotland, Italy, Sweden Finland Luxembourg Switzerland Austria Holland Belgium, Germany and France.He has choreographed Inoah 2017,crakz 2013, H3 2008, H22005,Telesquat2003, toole git to quit 2002, me and my choreographer in 63 2001, from popping to pop 2001. Throughout his career he has been awarded the Bessies, the upcoming choreographer of the Year award, the syndicate award,and many other awards.