Art Director (0 - 12)


Art Director Exhibits Unique Style At Each Frame

An Art Director generally works with the directors and Production Designers of the film to create the sets for each scene in the movie. On Big budget films, the Art Directors start working four to five months before starting the shooting and in smaller budget films, a month or two. Once they receive the Script and the deadlines, they start making schedules and order the scenes which are to be shot first. Their huge responsibility is to create sets and make properties within the budget of the film and also at the same time not compromising the quality of the scenes. This is a highly skilled job, where the Art directors should not only be creative but also be practical to solve complex problems in the creative arena.

The Art Directors are responsible for the Assistant Art Director, the Draughtsman team, who do the work of getting all the special items and props used in the set and Art department assistants and also the construction panel. Art directors are also responsible for the Art department budget, so they draw all the necessary plans of the sets and other items and give a budget to the Production Department and once the production department gives their approval, the Art Director starts his work. The Art director should co-ordinate between the Director and the Producer managing both the Budget and the creativity of the film. In the pre-shooting process, they create a plan for all the sets, makeup, outfits, Vehicles, animals and all the other items used in the scene. During the Shooting, they supervise the construction, dressing and use of other items in the film and in the post shooting process, they make sure all the properties and sets are cleared and all the bills and paid and the location is removed or shifted. The work of Art Directors is long and pressuring. They have to produce creative ideas in a stressful environment. Art directors are usually freelancers and work on a contract in a film.