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A talented actress who has starred in over a dozen films, Tara Sharma has given the film lovers something to grasp on to and be happy about. Tara was born on 11th January 1977 as a British citizen. Even though British by birth, she was brought up as a perfect Indian. She completed all her studies in Italy and her diploma courses in London itself. She was a very bright student who was always an active participant in the various co-curricular activities. A talented singer, a graceful dancer and a fierce actor – Tara never shot down any opportunity. She’s an incredible person in all fronts. When she realized her talents and passion for the camera, Tara got herself to take part in advertisements for many prominent brands, such as Lakme, Garnier, and Pepsi. In the latter ad, she was extremely lucky to co – star with all round amazing actor Shah Rukh Khan Shah Rukh Khan or also known as SRK is a prominent >> Read More... , which in turn opened many doors to the film industry. Her luck turned thus.

She debuted in Anupam Kher’s film “Om Jai Jagadish”. She went on to do tons of incredible movies that were both critically and commercially appreciated. In the year 2011, a tragedy struck her life when her father passed away. She was deeply depressed by this, and out of her depression, she came up with the show “ The Tara Sharma Show The Tara Sharma Show (TTSS) is an Indian televisio >> Read More... ” which was a huge hit. The show was based on parenting and maternal child care, a show on new – age motherhood. Juggling along with her show, Tara was able to complete many films and soap operas. Of her notable works “Om Jai Jagadish” catches a prominent position. The story revolves around the life of three very different siblings, Om, Jai, and Jagadish. In the film, Tara plays the role of Jagadish’s lover, Pooja. The character depiction is impeccable, and such acting skills must be why she remains among some of the very talented people in the industry.


Born: 21 February 1942

Lived For 66 Years

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