Tamil Tv Serial Naanal

Naanal Tamil Tv serials on Kalaingar tv
Naanal is the much awaited family drama created by Actress Kushboo’s Avni Tele Media. Actress Sonia Agarwal made her debut in the small screen through this series after her 2 year gap in the film industry after her last movie, ‘Thiruttu Payalae’. She played the lead character ‘Radhika’ who was widowed at a young age unfortunately. She comes out of her grievances and starts a new life when fate strikes again. She comes to know that her husband Rajesh is still alive after 5 years and is married to another woman ‘Kadhambari’. Naanal is a type of tall growing grass on the banks of rivers which twists, turns and bends in severe storm, but never breaks. As the title implies, she bends and bows when the storm strikes and survives the hardships without breaking down. Kadhambari takes all sorts of efforts to prevent the union of Rajesh and Radhika. Amidst all the turmoil, Radhika comes to know about Kadhambari’s grandmother who was responsible for the ill fate of her family. Radhika’s feminine strength, morality and virtues are the backbone of the story and it’s the main reason for the top rating for this series. Written and produced by Actress Kushboo Sundar, Naanal is a family oriented drama which conveys the strength of a woman with all the elements to tie down the viewers to the series. It was directed by Chinna, 'Poovae Mella Pesu' fame Robert Rajasekar. Actress Neebha played the role of Kadhambari equally well to that of Sonia Agarwal and Stage artist Revathy Shankaran played the important role of Kadhambari’s grandmother. The cast crew includes Kushboo, ARS, Vichu, Rajesh and many others. It was telecasted in Kalaingar TV in 2008 in the weekdays.