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Other names : Athi Pookhali
Athipookal Tamil Tv serials on Sun tv
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Athipookal was a Tamil TV serial which was telecasted on the Sun TV channel, every Monday to Friday. The main characters were Sandhiya (as Karpagam), Devadarshini and Chetan (as Mano). The serial revolved around Sandhiya’s character in being a surrogate mother who carried Devadarshini’s child in her womb and delivered it safely as well as the hurdles she faces. On the other hand, Anjali (Real name – Rani) who is the wife of Devadarshini’s brother begins to threaten Devadarshini and her husband. It all begins when doctors inform Devadarshini that she is cannot have a baby naturally and hence will have to depend upon surrogacy.

During this time, Sandhiya admits her seriously ill mother to the same hospital where Chetan and Devadarshini visit. Sandhiya does not have enough money to pay for the necessary operation for her mother and hence she decides to become a surrogate mother. Anjali somehow senses the truth and demands money from Chetan by threatening him that she would reveal the secret to the outside world. Hence, Chetan gives her the money and she starts her own marbles and granites factory . Anjali does not like Sandhiya and hence she tries her best to create disputes between Devadarshini and Sandhiya. Soon Anjali becomes greedy and decides to ditch Devadarshini and her husband in order to enjoy the status and money. Therefore, she gives a poisonous tablet to their child. Fortunately , Sandhiya saves the child which causes agony to Anjali’s and she decides to take her revenge.

The serial eventually ends with a twist of Anjali killing herself, as she could not win in the battle. Karpagam (Sandhiya), does not demand any rights on the child of Devadarshini and she returns backto her village. Finally, the entire family regroups and cherishes their happy moments. The serial received a tremendous appreciation and ran for about fifteen to twenty minutes daily from 1pm to 1.30pm. There are other supporting characters in the series like grandmother of Sandhiya, Chetan’s parents and Anjali’s son. However, audiences had a feeling that during a period, few of the episodes were being dragged and unwanted scenes could have been cut down which diluted the thrill of the serial.

Another version of this story...

“Athipookkal” was a popular Tamil television serial which was produced by the famous Saregama India Limited. It was the brainwork of Ms. B. R. Vijayalakshmi, who hails from a strong movie background and film direction experience. Her expertise had helped the serial reach out to large masses with its brilliant storyline, effective acting and the right mix of elements to satisfy all types of television viewers. The word “Athipookkal” talks about a few flowers in Tamil. As the name suggests, this is the story of three distinct characters and the emotional relationship between them. They each want to support their family, where their heart is. But others were not allowing them to do it peacefully. How they win in this scenario is described neatly in the story written by B. R. Vijayalakshmi, with additional inputs from famous Tamil writer Mr. Indira Sounderrajan. Dialogues for this serial were handled by Bala Thangam.

The main cast for this serial included Chetan, Devadarshini, Sandhiya, Kannanand Rani. In the technical side, K. S. Udhaya shankar took care of the camera work, while the editing and sound recording was done by D. Kumar Leo Murkoth respectively. Both their works were critically acclaimed to make this a successful serial. The title song of this popular serial was composed by X. Paulraj, while the background music was provided by Raj bhaskar. Their works helped in building the right emotions at the right time and create great connection with the viewers. B. R. Vijayalakshmi was the creative director for this serial, which was directed by R. P. Marudhu.


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