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My Name Is Mangamma Tamil Tv serials on Zee tamil
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“My name is Mangamma” is a popular Tamizh TV serial telecasted on Zee Tamizh channel from Monday to Friday between 8pm and 8.30pm. This fantastic serial is all about a cute and bold girl by name “Mangamma” (also known as Magi) who is just 28 years old. The only problem she has is her name “Mangamma” which seems like an old-fashioned name to her. She does not acknowledge her name that her parents kept and calls herself as “Magi” in short. In addition, she also keeps cribbing that she is not able to get married easily like other girls in her age due to this old-fashioned name “Mangamma”.

However, the original reason is that “Magi” by nature is a talkative, tomboyish character, very impolite and loud-mouthed girl. For this reason, Magi’s parents find it tough to get her married. No groom will accept her present state, this becomes a problem for her parents, and they are worried as she grows a year old on every birthday. The story revolves around a series of confusion, comedy and emotions that the serial takes sudden turns and twists to ensure the audience are engaged and not bored. Thanks to the director and actor Maheswari for their incredible efforts and dedication to this project. The serial was first aired on April 9th 2012. This was actor Maheswari’s comeback to serial (small screen). Yesteryear actor “ Sri Devi Devi Sree was born on August 14th, 1990, in Hydera >> Read More... ” commented, applauded the role of Maheswari as a lead role in the serial, and said this serial would be a laugh riot for its audiences.

Another version of this story...

My Name is Mangamma was a Tamil TV serial aired on Zee Tamil every Monday to Friday starring Maheswari. It was one of the popular serials which had comedy, suspense, emotions and twists that kept audience intact.

It was a charming story of 28 years old girl, who did not like her name “Mangamma”. She was named by her parents but she did not acknowledge it and called herself “ Maggie Click to look into! >> Read More... ”. She thought she was not getting married because of her name, but in reality she was impolite, tom boy and had a loud mouth. Mangamma had a job of chef in a 3 star hotel. She supported her mother, her younger married sister and a younger unmarried sister as well. Her parents had difficulty in finding a groom for Mangamma due to her nature. Mixture of humor, seriousness and turns made this drama a big hit.

My Name is Mangamma started on 09-04-2012 and last episode was telecasted in April 2013 on ZEE Tamil.


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