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Neebha is a budding actress on the small screen in Tamil Serial who made her appearance with Sonia Agarwal Sonia Agarwal is and actress and model in Indian c >> Read More... for a serial’ Naanal’. The serial was produced by actress Khushboo for Kalaignar TV. The serial went on air from December 2008 – 2009. In this serial Sonia Agarwal portrayed the role of a widow.  Sonia appeared on screen after a two-year gap. Hence, the serial had high expectation from the public.  

Neebha, who also made her debut in the serial, was comfortable working in the serial. Actor Robert Rajasekar of 'Manasukkul Mathapoo' fame directed the mega serial for the first time. Neebha played the role of Kadhambari in this serial. In this serial, she played the role of supporting actress, but her role was equally weighed with Sonia Agarwal. In this serial, Sonia Agarwal, who portrayed the role of Radhika, gets widowed at a young age. When she tries to come out of her grievances and tries to start a new life, she finds out that her husband Rajesh is still alive and is married to Kadhambari (Neebha).  Neebha tries her best to prevent the union of Rajesh and Radhika. Thus Neebha also equally portrayed the suffering of a woman who had to succeed her own fate against the odds. With melodramatic script and dialogues that were given to Neebha to portray a strong character of a woman, she portrayed the role with ease. 

Neebha is indeed a talented acre that made the TV show actually interesting and possible for a watch. The role that she portrayed as a second woman to a man indeed tells us that she had a talent for acting and also determination. It is nice that yesteryear actress Khusbhoo who produced the serial followed the correct protocol for castings and auditions. Neebha has all the essentials to play the lead role in upcoming serials. 


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Praveen Antony - (Editor)