Malayalam Tv Serial Pattu Saree

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A serial that was made famous with its association with one of the major textile showroom in Kerala, Pattu Saree depicts the life of Kanchi, a self-made business woman who owns a silk saree showroom. She adopts a son for her believing that her twin daughters are killed in a car accident. However, as the serial progresses we see that one of her daughters become a sales girl in her shop and later fall in love with her adopted son to get married to him.

However, Kanchi is not fond of this girl, Thamara, until she realizes and recognizes her to be her daughter. This happens when her husband rejoins the family, against the will of Kanchi, her mother and her prospective husband. Kanchi has serious ill feelings against her husband, whom she hold responsible for all the losses in her life. One of the twin girls also join the family.

However, towards the end of the serial, Kanchi is finally reunited with her family of two girls and husband. She also realizes her mother’s plotting against her husband which made them foes all these years. The family soon rejoins under the father and the story ends with a perfect “happily ever after . (Till August 2014 in Mazhavil Manorama)