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Tamil Tv Actress Meena Kumari
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Meena Kumari is a popular TV and film actress. She was born on September 24, 1981, in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India but got settled in Chennai. She started acting when she was 14 years old on the famous TV series, Antarangalu, which aired on ETV. She played the role of Priyanka, a young girl who bothers her father. Then she received several TV show offers when she was in 10th class. She did various TV series, and also made her debut in a Telugu movie with the name Hitler where she played as one of Chiranjeevi’s sister. Meena spent ten years in TV and film industry.

She said, she could have done more movies and got better roles in the films, but she got stuck in doing TV serials for the past two to three years. She rejected offers from Telugu films because of some issues with the dates as she is always busy. She said if she only had time, she will do Malayalam films or Tamil and Telugu TV series. Meena is fluent in all South Indian languages which including Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and also Hindi and English. She said she gets the real satisfaction in her job when the serial she acts in becomes a significant hit and people talks about it. But even today she regrets that she couldn’t take up great offers in Telugu. She is competent enough that she can do better than what she is being offered now.

Meena got into showbiz through her sister, Vijayasri, who is a renowned cinematographer in India who have worked with various big names in the industry. She got an offer in the Tamil film, Karuppu Nila in 1995. After that, she started to receive many offers for TV serials and films. Meena did the Sreeraman Sreedevi Sreeraman Sreedevi is a Malayalam language daily s >> Read More... in 2001, Sthreejanman, Vatsalyam, Swathu and Pavithrabandham. In 2012, Meena performed as Jagadha’s mother in the socio-fantasy film, Uu Kodathara? Ulikki Padathara. She also played the role of Kunji Amma in the Malayalam mega serial, Pattu Saree A serial that was made famous with its association >> Read More... under the direction of the famous A. M. Nazeer who won the Best Director Award in the Kazhcha Awards in 2013 for the said serial. She is a renowned actress in Telugu and done many films in Tamil, Telugu industries. Some of her famous Tamil serials include Magal, Thendral to name a few.

Meena also acted in various television shows such as “ Maa Varu Mastaaru Story soon >> Read More... ,” which focuses on the character of Vidya who wants to achieve something in her life and got married to a teacher named Ganapathi. Meena plays the role of Parvathi in this serial. It was premiered on 12 June 2023. “ Raktha Sambandham Raktha Sambandham is an Indian- Telugu language te >> Read More... ,” which focuses on the story of overprotective mother who tries to control everything in her son’s life. However, circumstances changes when her son starts to like a women. Meena plays the role of Krishna in this serial. It was directed by B.Sravana Bhaskar Reddy.

Kanda Naal Mudhal focuses on the relationship of two siblings named Kumaran and Archana who wishes to save their relationship by getting married in the same family. Archana marries Nakulan and Kumaran is forced to marry Nandhini who works in an IT company and belongs to another family. It was premiered on 13 June 2022 and was directed by Radhakrishnan. Meena plays the role of Lakshmi in this serial. “Poove Poochudava,” which focuses on the character of Shiva and Shakthi who meet through a car incident and starts to hate each other. Meena plays the role of Subadhra in this serial. It was directed by G. Manikanda Kumar and Rathinam Vasudevan.


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