Kannada Tv Serial Mayamruga

Mayamruga Kannada TV SERIALS on ZEE KANNADA

Mayamruga is a TV serial aired on Zee Kannada. The serial originally aired in 1998 on DD Chandana. Later it was re-telecasted on Zee Kannada in 2014. The show premiered on Zee Kannada on 10 March 2014. The show was directed by T. N. Seetharam, P. Seshadri and Nagendra Sha. It was produced by Bhoomika Productions. Each episode of the show was 22 to 25 minutes long. It was a women-centric tv serial that showed the viewers about women's empowerment. H. G. Dattatreya, Manju Bhashini, Malavika Avinash and S. N. Sethuram were in the lead role.

In the serial, some women activists fight for equality. After a few episodes, they are introduced to a women’s rights activist named Malavika. She is fighting for women’s equality and wants more women to join her fight. She wants to liberate these women that are humiliated and abused by their family members. Later she meets a man who is her teacher. She falls in love with him and wants to marry him. Later the teacher also falls in love with her. They both get married, and their parents don’t support them. She finds out that her father in law is involved in some shady works. She tries to find out what he is doing and wants to stop him. When he finds out that her daughter in law is in a bridge in his works, he wants to separate her from his son. They both try to win the fight. She wants to live happily with her husband while fighting inequality, but her father in law wants to stop her because he is scared that she is going to stop him in his works.

There is another family. The elder brother named Shastri is very rigid and wants his kids to follow the things he wants. One of his daughters wants to try her hand in modeling. She loves cinema and later wants to be an actress. She is very sad after knowing that her father doesn't want her to do modeling and wants her to get married to a boy he likes. Later he wants her to marry one of his students. To know more if she can follow her dream of if she gets married to him, watch the serial on Zee Kannada. The serial can also be watched on the YouTube channel of Zee Kannada.