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Now a veteran in the Kannada film industry, Abhijith (born as Ramaswamy), has been acknowledged as one of the more versatile talents in the film and cultural circles of Karnataka. He could effortlessly portray diverse roles, whether it was that of an outright villain, that of a negative hero, or as a protagonist. But his versatility extended much beyond to film direction and production as well. To cap it all was his own inherent musical genius. Many feel that in the realm of music itself he could be counted as one of the best.

Today, after all his accomplishments, and his obvious talents, it may seem that all his success had come his way at considerable ease. That would, however, be quite far from the truth, as his initial years in the industry were not that smooth. He had started acting in plays while in school, and like many other aspiring actors, had to leave home and move to Bangalore to plead with Kannada movies directors of that time to give him bit roles. Passing through such bit roles, the first major assignment that he could manage was in 1990 and it was that of a villain in the movie, “College Hero”. He had to then wait for another 3 years before he got a lead role. That came in the film “ Ranjitha Ranjitha was born on 4th June 1975. She is an actr >> Read More... ”, but the irony in his career was that even after becoming a successful hero in quite a few films like “Muddina Maava”, and “One Man Army”, he continued to act in negative characterizations.

Overall, he has acted in over 120 Kannada films, and lent his singing voice to almost an equal number of songs. Although his production debut was not blessed with success, his first directorial venture, “Jodi No. 1”, was better received. Incidentally, in this film, he also took the credits for the story, script and production. However, any reference to Abhijith would be incomplete without the mention of “Aksharamaale", the reality singing competition on Udaya TV that he has been compering for an unbroken period of 12 years now, and has almost become an institution of sorts.


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