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Anantha Velu is a Kannada film actor who was seen in two films recently. He acted in a movie named ‘RangiTaranga’ which was released in 2015 and had portrayed a pivotal role in the movie. In this movie, he played the role of a headmaster of a government school at the village of Kamarottu. He is a mature actor and suited the role the role of Shankar master as the elderly school headmaster.

The film was a hit, and he was appreciated in the movie. His journey towards acting dates back to the year of 2005 when he started to act in a movie named ‘Encounter Dayanayak’. In addition to acting in movies, the actor even portrayed character roles in TV serials. He played the role of the head priest of the Tripura Sundari Tripura Sundari is a soap opera aired on Colors Ka >> Read More... temple in the much-acclaimed serial ‘ Mahadevi Mahadevi started on 14th September 2015. Zee Kanna >> Read More... ’ that is being aired on Zee Kannada.

He played the role of an evil priest who hates the heroine Sundari. He is also a strong man behind the corruption in the temple. He faces a lot of opposition for his evil nature from Sundari because he wanted to steal the powerful Sri Chakra from the goddesses abode. While he narrated an evil character in the serial ‘Mahadevi’, he had a role of opposite values in the serial ‘' Seethe Seethe Rama Katha Hridayam is a mythological seria >> Read More... ' that is being telecast in Udaya TV.

Mythological Drama ‘Seethe’ was shown in 500 episodes after it was aired on 4th February 2013. The serial is epic drama in the backdrop of Sri Ramayan. Due to the craze of viewers for mythological series like Ramayan and the Mahabharata, people accepted ‘Seethe’ very well. Anantha Velu acted the character of Dasaratha, father of Sri Ram and Sri Lakshman. The character of Rama was portrayed by Amith Bhargava and Lakshmana by Vallab. Anantha Velu brought his character alive as in the form of Dasaratha in the serial.



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