Jaya Shree Raj is the cherubic actress, who came into limelight with the Kannada mega serial Mayamriga and became a household name through this serial which ran for. She is the discovery of T.N.Seetharam who has introduced many fresh faces to Kannada television industry.

Jaya Shree Raj then went on to act in more than 40 serials like Janani, Samagama and Sahana. The next mega serial which sustained her popularity was Manvantara.

The actress has also hosted many television programs and has acted in four movies. Her first film was Bhoothayanna Makkalu and later bagged movies like Ninagagi, Dumbee and Smile.

The actress hails from Gonikoppa, Coorg and had actively participated in dance, drama, music and modeling in Cauvery College before the television arc lights beckoned her. She was also an excellent badminton player and had won the Coorg district championship in the year 2000. Her hobbies are reading books and of course watching television.

The actress then went on to marry Ganesh Prasad Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Ganesh Prasad an Atlanta based engineer with Axim technologies at Belagodu Kalyana Mantapa in April 2002. The actress who was in the height of the popularity left it all for married bliss and claimed that acting was just a hobby and never a career for her.