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Divya Jyothi Kannada Tv serials on Udaya tv
Written By - Team Nettv4u

Divya Jyothi is a Kannada language TV serial. The TV show was telecasted by one of the biggest networks and, sources of entertainment which is Udaya TV channel. Udaya TV channel provides all sorts of entertainment to the Kannada language audience through its different channel and, varied kind of show. Divya Jyothi has been one of the most special TV shows on Udaya TV. Divya Jyothi is a morning show that telecasts at 8 AM for an hour on Udaya TV. As the name of the TV show suggests that this is one of those TV shows which are dedicated to prayers and, God. This TV show is beautiful and, offers a fresh start to the mornings of the audiences. Divya Jyothi telecasts from 8 AM to 9 AM.

The TV show has guests where they come in the morning show to speak about the importance of prayers and, importance of preaching God. The guests come to the show and, tell the audiences about their day through their sun signs. The guests not only tell about the day through sun signs but discuss a lot about other things like; science of architecture, do’s and don’ts for all the sun signs, religious calendar dates, different festivals and their religious connections and, other teachings. Then, the TV show Divya Jyothi also includes Carol songs played in each episode. These carols are picked from the popular albums released b devotes singers. These carols are also picked from Kannada movies. These beautiful, peaceful and, magical carols are sung by the devotees of God.

These carols are featured with the videos which usually tell a story of the connection between the God and his devotees and, explain its purity. The TV show is purely religious. There are special episodes on special occasions. Special carols are featured on special occasion be it a big festival celebrated all over the country or some regional religious festivals. For the audiences this one hour TV show is a perfect start for their mornings. The TV show provides all the necessary information for the audiences who believe in astrology, sun sign, science of architecture and, other related topics. The audiences could get all the information at one place. Also, beautiful and, peaceful carols are featured in the morning which is a treat to ears and, soul of the audiences. The TV show Divya Jyothi has a great number of audiences following it every morning for one hour.


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