Kote Prabhakar is a Telugu movie actor. He started working in the Telugu Film Industry in 1995. He had two releases in the year which gave a kick start to his career but were unable to be the best debut movies. These flicks were Om and Operation Andha. Now, he has been in the Telugu movies for about 21 years with 67 movies to his credit.

Some of his popular flicks are Yuva Samrat, Mandya to Mumbai and Jackson. Jackson is one of his recent hits which came out in 2015. Om in 1995 and Verappa Nayaka in 1999 were his breakthrough movies which got the audiences as well as critics to notice him. These movies play a major role in enabling him to be at a position that he is currently in the industry. After Om and Operation Andha in 1995, he took a two-year break to come out with three movies in 1997. These films were Zindabad, Hai Bangalore and Akka. After this period, he gave about three to four flicks every year. Marikannu Horimyage,

Baro Nanna Muddina Krishna and A were released in 1998. ‘A’ amongst these movies was critically acclaimed and appreciated by all. In 1999, he had five films added to his line of work. Z, Vishwa, Verappa Nayka, Mr. X and AK 47 were included in his 1999 big screen releases. He topped with six movies in 2000. These movies were Yarige Salutthe Sambala, Sulthan, Shabdavedhi, Naxalite and Khadga. Films in 2001 decreased to two and included Asura and Huchha. Followed by Love U and Law and Order in 2002. In 2003, Gokarna and Vijayasimha and Katthegalu Saar Kathegalu were opened at the box office. Mourya and Kalaspalya came out in 2004. In 2005, he got four flicks, Deadly Soma, Shastry, Rakshasa and Ayya. This unstoppable release of back to back movie continued till 2016, to ensure the success and fame Prahakar has reached today.

In 2016, he came out with only one movie named Sri Sathyanarayana which was maybe a break from his four back to back movies in 2015. These flicks were Jackson, Mahakali, Mr. Airavatha and Ganga, out of which Jackson was a blockbuster. In 2014, his five films did not break any records. These included Najara, Simhadri, Shivajinagara, Namo Bhoothathma and Huccha Venkat.

Komakula Sudhakar Telugu Actor

Komakula Sudhakar

Komakula Sudhakar is from the coastal city of Vishakapattanam in Andhra Pradesh. Sudhakar attended college and after completing a Bachelor’s degree course, he obtained a Masters degree in Computer Science. Since he was young, he has been very much fond of films and dances. He came to Hyderabad, the capital city of Andhra Pradesh, after doing his post graduation. Later he worked in the prestigious software companies such as Dell, CSC, and CA. Sudhakar also has done a short course in choreography. Sudhakar has done many short films and has been a frequent attendee at the film festivals in Hyderabad. It was his brother who gifted him a professional SLR camera, and soon after this, he started experimenting. Komakula Sudhakar got involved in many short films and attended various acting workshops, while in the USA. During his residing in the United States, he also worked as a freelancer in photography. He also worked once for a website known as ‘idlebrain.com’. Sudhakar saw an advertisement seeking applicants for a new film titled  ‘Life is Beautiful’. They auditioned him for about six months, tested his acting skills and finally selected him for the movie. Sudhakar’s character in the movie is that of a Telangana youth named ‘Nagraj’. Sudhakar said in an interview that his father made a great impact in his life and that he was also a stage actor. Sudhakar recollects his father taking him for many films in his childhood such as Sri Krishna Pandaveeyam, Gundamma Katha, and Nartanasala. Later he went on to become a strong fan of Ram Gopal Verma and Mani Ratnam. Sudhakar admires the works of Aamir Khan, one of the most popular actors in Bollywood. He claims to be very fortunate to be in the acting field and from the beginning itself, he has never been camera conscious and not having any stage fear at all.  


Kranthi Chand

Kranthi Chand is new generation actor in Telugu film industry. He made his debut with a film ‘Mallela Theeram Lo Sirimalle Puvvu’ that released in 2013. He was cast opposite Sri Divya and the film was directed by G.V. Rama Raju. The film received positive reviews from the critics and even was appreciated by the audience. It was a triangular love story by debutant director Rama Raju which shows how an ordinary middle-class girl after her marriage wants her dignity and liberation. Although it was Sri Divya’s second film, debutant Karthik look promising in his first movie itself. He fitted into the lead role. The film had a fresh content and even editing, music, direction and acting were so appropriate that it filled the movie within its content depth. After a great response from the critics and audience for his debut film, the actor had geared up for another lead role in “Vaaradhi". The film released in March 2015 and the film had again Sri Divya cast opposite Kranthi and Hemanth. The film was also a triangular love story of Hemanth, Sri Divya, and Kranthi. In the first quarter of the movie, it is shown that Sri Divya and Hemanth had loved each other deeply but when a tragic incident happens Hemanth dies, Sri Divya lives in memories of Hemanth. It is then that Kranthi Chand comes in the life of Sri Divya and snatches the heart of this girl. The film had a neat performance from Kranthi. It is said that Kranthi had always dreamt of becoming an actor since his childhood. Although he is MBBS graduate but a passion for acting brought him to film industry. It may be noted that ‘Vaaradhi’ is directed by Satish Karthikeya which was again a debut film for Satish. As Satish is new in Tollywood, his idols are Chriranjeevi and Pawan kalyan. As a newcomer, he always wants to take up roles that will justify the characters on the screen. The actor can be choosy in searching for neat roles but he is ready to experiment even negative character roles too. Later, he was associated with a movie ‘Chandrullo Unde Kundelu’ that has Koyal Das and Pamela in lead roles.

Kranthi Chand Telugu Actor