Hindi Tv Serial Siya Ke Ram

Siya Ke Ram Hindi tv-serials on STAR PLUS

Siya Ke Ram belongs to historical drama genre. It is also known as Maryada Purushottam Siya Ke Ram and is based on Ramayana. Aniruddh Pathak is the creator of the show, and C.L. Saini, Subrat Sinha, Bhavna Vyas and Anand Neelakantan are the writers of the show. Nikhil Sinha directed it with Dharmesh Shah and produced it under the banner ‘Triangle Films.' Star Plus broadcasted the show on 16 November 2015 for the first time. The show features the story of Ram and Sita and visualizes Ramayana through Sita’s eyes. The lead pair of the Lord Rama and Sita is played by Ashish Sharma and Madirakshi.

Other cast includes, Danish Akhtar Saifi, Karan Suchak, Karthik Jayaram, Piyali Munsi, Sujay Reu, Pratham Kunwar, Yukti Kapoor, Prithvi Hatte, Tanvi Madhyan, Dalip Tahil, Snigdha Akolkar, Grusha Kapoor, Sampada Vaze, Zalak Desai, Sanyogeeta Bhave, Bijay Anand, Bhargavi Chirmule, Hemant Choudhary, Anjali Rana, Romanch Mehta, Vinod Kapoor, Yash Mistry, Ananya Agarwal, Vedant Sawant, Samarth Mishra, Pravisht Mishra, Sharad Joshi, Manish Wadhwa, Richa Soni, Sudesh Berry, Sandeep Mohan, Jitendra Trehan, Shweta Rastogi, Abhijit Lahiri, Sara Khan, Pratima Kazmi, Surendra Pal, Sailesh Gulabani, Gaurav Walia, Ankur Nayyar, Vividha Kirti, Pankaj Berry, Rahul Rana, Rohit Bakshi, Rimpi Das, Sangeeta Khanayat, Raj Logani, Radha Krishna Dutt, Shailesh Datar, Anuya Bhagwat, Arup Pal, Amit Dhawan, Priyanka Pal, Deblina Chatterjee, Zubair Ali, Kashmira Shah, Sumit Kaul, and Chetanya Adib. The story starts with Janak, king of Mithila. He does not have any child, and his kingdom has suffered form 12 years from drought.

At that time, Ram with his brothers is shown to be under the tutelage of Guru Vashista. Janak finds a girl when he ploughs and from the cry of that girl, rain occurs. He is shocked when that baby lifts Shiv Dhanush. On the suggestion of Rishi Yagyavalkya, he keeps her and name as Sita. Then 8 years leap is taken, where Sita and her sisters are playing an act of Goddess Durga. Some of their moments at that age are shown like Ram’s elder sister Shanta, Sita’s knowledge about Gautama Maharishi and his curse, etc. Then they are shown to be grown up. Sita stops the ceremonial horse to comfort him which is not right as it is part of Ashwamedha Yajna, but after going back, Ram saves the horse’s life.

Guru Vishvamitra takes Ram and Lakshman to kill Queen Taraka, and Sita with her sisters also go there to meet Vishvamitra and there, she gives food to Lakshman. Ram and Lakshman kill Taraka, and her son Subahu. They then leave to Mithila to seek blessings of Shiv Dhanush. On its way, Ram cures Gautam Rishi’s curse. Sita gets aware about her birth and falls in love with Ram without even seeing him. They meet at the Parvati Temple for the first time. Sita’s Swayamvar is announced, and Malyavan, Ravana’s grandfather, and a minister of Lanka comes to Mithila and argues with Sita. He tells Ravana about Taraka’s death. Ram lifts Shiv Dhanush which no one is able to do during Swayamvara, and his marriage gets fixed with Sita. Ravan is angry about not being able to lift Dhanush and remembers the curse given to him by Vedavati that a woman will be the reason of his death. So, he goes to Yamlok to keep Yama under his thumb, but there he indulges in a fight with Mrityu Devi, Goddess of Death. Meanwhile, Ram and his brothers get married to Sita and her sisters.

Mandodri is worried about Ravana’s death and seeks help from all. Her father, Mayasura denies, but her mother guides her to get Amrita which she is successful in doing, and makes Ravana immortal. Vibhishana warns her not to tell Ravana that he is immortal. When Ram and his brothers with their brides reach Ayodhya, they are warmly welcomed. Dasharatha announces Ram as the heir to which Manthara brainwashes Kaikeyi as a conspiracy against her. She goes to Dasharatha and reminds about the boons that he gave her. She asks him to send Ram into exile for long fourteen years and Crown his brother Bharat as the king of Ayodhya to which he hesitantly agrees. Ram go to exile with Lakshman and Sita. Dasharatha passes away not being able to handle all this.

Everyone blame Kaikeyi for it, and Bharata refuses to sit on the throne. Janak reminds Kaikeyi about her love for Ram, and she is thankful to him for it and request to bring him back. They reach Ram, but he denies to come saying that he wants to fulfill the promise made to Dasharatha. Bharata demands his sandals and keeps them on the throne. Till now, they have completed ten years of their exile. Dundubi decides to kill Bali & Sugriva and thus comes in a disguise of Buffalo and fights with Bali in which he dies. Rishi Matang curses Bali as he broke his meditation. Ram saves Panchvati’s residents from Ravana’s soldiers. Surpanaka falls in love with Ram and tells him to marry her to which he denies saying that he is already married. He gets irritated seeing her dressing as Sita, and even she attacked Sita. Lakshmana, in anger, cuts her nose to which she tells Khara to kill all three of them, but Ram kills him in the fight.

Mayavi creates misunderstanding between Bali and Sugriva. Ravana decides to take revenge of Surpanakha’s insult, and he finds out that Ram’s weakness is Siya so decides to abduct her. He tells Marich about everything and seeks his help. Marich disguises as an injured golden dear and tricks them. Ram goes behind him as Sita wishes to cure him. Ram is shocked when Marich voices out cries in Ram’s voices, Marich seeks forgiveness from Ram for his deed and dies. Sita orders Lakshman to go to find Ram as she is worried. Lakshman agrees and draws Lakshmana Rekha, a powerful line, which no immortal creature can cross for Sita’s protections, and tells her not to cross it otherwise the power would go. Ravan in the disguise of sage tricks her and abducts her. On the way, Jatayu tries to save her, but Ravan cuts off his wings. Sita throws jewellery to the ground as a sign for Ram. Ravan takes her to Lanka and stops everyone from killing her.

Kaikesi, Ravan’s mother, tells him to marry Sita, but Sita denies saying she only loves Ram, and will remain faithful to him and will wait for him otherwise her death. Jatayu tells Ram everything, and Hanuman meets Ram and tells about Sugriva and Bali and how Bali is misbehaving with Ruma, Sugriva’s wife. Ram accepts to kill Bali and free him from his sins and does the same. Sugriva becomes the king of Kishkindha, and Angad, his son, joins monkey army of Ram. Ram gives his ring to Hanuman and tells him to meet Sita and assure her about his wellbeing & know about her condition. Hanuman meets her, while Ravan instructs his son Akshay to kill Hanuman in which he himself dies. Mandodari is shattered to see her son’s dead body.

Hanuman is brought in front of Ravan, and after lots of advice, he decides to burn his tail. Hanuman burns the entire Lanka with his tail. Vibhishan gets thrown out of the Lanka by Ravan as he pleads him to free Sita. Hanuman tells Ram about Sita living in Ashok Vatika. Ram, Lakshman, and the entire monkey army start constructing sea bridge, Ram Setu, to reach Lanka across the ocean. They reach Lanka, and Ravan’s army attack them at midnight. Meghnath shoots an invisible venomous arrow on Lakshman and Ram due to which they become unconscious, and Sita is shattered hearing that and Ravan is happy that his son killed them as there is no cure for that poison. The show is mythological one and depicts everything that happened during that time. Do watch the show!