Deblina Chatterjee

Other names of Deblina Chatterjee: Debolina Chatterjee
Deblina Chatterjee Hindi Actress
Deblina Chatterjee a tremendous film and television actress who made her debut with her gracious performance and won the National Film Award and Star Jalsa Award for the Somnath Gupta's Bengali movie Ami Aadu released during the year 2011. With her fabulous and great performance with the lead role Aadu in this movie, Deblina led her career in the industry of Indian Cinema.
Later in 2012, Deblina started appearing in television series and got her much awaited fame from her debut in the popular Star Plus television show Sajda Tere Pyaar Mein, a Ravi Ojha Production show with the lead role Aaliya Hassan, who is a journey of a young Muslim girl who transforms from a carefree fun loving girl to a mature lady with strength and patriotism at heart and faces the worst and difficult times with a lot of sacrifices for her country. And Aaliya (Deblina) ultimately save her country from the terrorist trap and eventually fall in love with the Hindu boy Ranveer who is the main antagonist in this series played by Shaleen Bhanot.
In 2014, Actress Deblina Chatterjee is currently portraying the role of a Gauri Singh Gauri Singh is a model-turned-actress. She has bee >> Read More... Gauri Singh in Colors Tv's - Kachchi Umar Ke Pakke Rishte a television series that address the issues and pros of child marriage that takes place in few parts of the country India.