Shweta Chaudhary Hindi Actress

Shweta Rastogi Shweta Rastogi is an Indian actress who has been i >> Read More... Shweta Rastogi is an Indian actress who has been in the industry since her childhood. She made her debut as actress Rekha’s daughter in the Bollywood film ‘Khoon Bhari Maang.’ Then Shweta was also seen in films like Kishen Kanhaiya and Parinda. Though all these movies were hits at the box office, Shweta’s role was not highly appreciated. Then she was cast in the popular mythological series based on Lord Krishna, in which she played the role of a young and beautiful Radha. Following that, she was cast as several important characters in the television series, including Jai Hanuman Jai Hanuman is an Indian TV series which shows the >> Read More... Jai Hanuman , Ganesh Leela Ganesh Leela is a mythological series based on the >> Read More... Ganesh Leela , and others. Shweta’s name is well-known even in the southern part of India. She appeared in a Tamil movie named Veluchami and was cast alongside actor Sarathkumar.

Shweta is still aiming for larger roles and more recognition on the silver screen. Such a talented actress is yet to be discovered for Hindi movies.