Shakti Singh Hindi Actor
Other Skills
Shakti Singh is an Indian actor. He is also a voice actor. He has done dubbing many national and international films. He was one who gave Hindi voice to ‘Commodus’ character in Gladiator, Iron Monkey in ‘Iron Monkey’ movie, Agent K in all Men in Black series and Caledon Nathan Hockley in “ Titanic Click to look into! >> Read More... Titanic ”. This uncredited artist was born on 9th October. He is married to Janhavi Singh, this couple has been blessed with two beautiful kids. He has also acted in television dramas, so far he has acted in three television programs , one aired in star plus TV, one has been aired in Colors TV and the other is aired in Zee TV. He is a well-known dubbing artist, but in a recent article titled “Audible Success”, it has been clearly stated how the voice actors and actresses are not credited for their hard work. This article states that Shakti Singh and many other voice artists are also Bollywood stars but are hardly recognized. This people do lots of work and have become permanent Hindi dubbing artist for many Hollywood actors but are never acclaimed. Singh has become the permanent Hindi dubbing artist for Hollywood Actor George Clooney. He has also given voices to many Bollywood stars but the producers make sure their names are not even revealed, thus even when they work in a Blockbuster movie they are never recognized neither awarded.