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Awaz- Dil Se Dil Tak Hindi Tv serials on Zee tv
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Awaz - Dil Se Dil Tak is an Indian television that broadcast on Zee TV in August 2003 Sun-Wed at 10:00 PM. This show was directed by Arvind Babbal Arvind Babbal, born on 2nd March 1965 in Hathras, >> Read More... . Lead characters were played by Ram Kapoor Ram Kapoor is an acclaimed and renowned television >> Read More... , Govind Namdeo, Sudhir Pandey Sudhir Pandey is a TV and cinema actor. Born on De >> Read More... , Rohini Hattangadi Rohini Hattangadi is an Indian actress who can be >> Read More... and Irish actress Rachel O'Shea. Awaz-Dil Se Dil Tak is the inspired version of the Tom Hanks I quote his famous line “Mama always said life was >> Read More... movie ‘Cast Away’. This serial comes with a new concept in that era when Saas-Bahu Drama serial had dominated the Indian television.

This serial was about a hijacked plane crash and the people who survived in this crash. The opening episode of the serial was a little bit confusing as many characters show up, Ram Kapoor, a cop couldn’t reach to his kid’s birthday party on time, then the story begins, the couple of kidnappers plan to kidnap Ram Kapoor’s son for their benefit. The kid's has been taken hostage, Ram Kapoor (father) was asked to clear the terrorists' passage into the AP-106 aircraft which is going from Mumbai to London as ransom. One of The eloping duo who met Ram Kapoor day before now returns to the police officer's family to help out in this crisis. When the hijacked plane takes off, hijackers fight with crew members to take a charge on the plane but unfortunately plane crashes. Those people who are alive found themselves in the water and then they see land and stay there.

The 18 people survived found nothing to eat and time passes and they lose control out of hunger and start fighting each other, one character (Vinu) was so hungry and he ate the snake. After days pass, the survivors realises that they can survive on this island only with unity. They also found living passenger of the island and then their life became monotonous and they start accepting that they will have to live their rest of the life in this island. But then, the story takes a turn when they get rescued and they faced relationships turn and twist due to circumstances. The events had drastically altered their lives.

All the actors did justice to their roles and highly appreciated by the viewers. It was very brave of the Irish actress Rachel O'Shea to attempt to speak Hindi. Zee TV effectively marketed the show through outdoor and print.


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