English Tv Show Game Of Thrones Season 6

Game Of Thrones Season 6 English TV SERIALS on HBO

The Season 6 of one of the best television serials of this era, Game Of Thrones, aired on 24 April 2016 on HBO. This season saw the storyline deviating from the original content from George R. R. Martins books. It also saw the producers finally getting creative and putting their ideas in the show. It also contained parts from the yet-to-be-released novels. The show was shot in Iceland, Spain, Northern Ireland, Croatia and Canada, with each episode requiring over $10 million to be produced. 

The critics praised the writers of the show, and also the cast members. Game of Thrones received 23 Emmy nominations, more than any other show. After a dismal season 5, viewership again started to grow. After escaping the clutches of Ramsay Bolton, Sansa begins her journey towards the Wall to meet her brother, whereas Theon travels back to the Iron Islands. In Winterfell, after killing his mother and his half-brother, Ramsay Bolton is the new guardian of the North.

Down at the Wall, Melisandre brings Jon Snow back to life and he is reunited with his sister. With the help of knights and soldiers, they start a mission to gather enough forces to reclaim their palace. Jaime Lannister, with the help of the Tyrells, tries to take Margaery and Loras away from the Faith. Margaery refuses to go with him and places her trust on the High Sparrow. Tommen forms an agreement with the Faith. During their trial, Cersei uses wildfire to destroy the sept and kill the Faith.

Tommen is disgusted after hearing about his mother's atrocities, he jumps from the window and commits suicide. Aarya is training hard with the faceless men. She resumes her training, and that impresses the faceless men. She is given a mission to kill an actor. After she refuses to do so, the Waif is ordered to find and kill her. After chasing her, Aarya somehow manages to kill the Waif. She returns to Westeros with her identity intact.

​Daenarys has got her dragons back, and she is on her way to Westeros. Tyrion is her most trusted man now. She has formed an alliance with the Greyjoys, who are willing to support her rule. Ramsay Bolton is defeated by Jon Snow's army and they reclaim the Stark Palace. Jon Snow is proclaimed to be the new King of the North. Battle of Bastards is considered to one of the highest rated episode ever made.