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English Awards Brit Asia Music Awards 2014

Brit Asia Music Awards 2014 English tv-shows on YouTube Channel

This is a one of a kind Awards function that recognizes the various modern and international music and artists from South Asian and British Asia. The 5th Brit Asia Music Awards was held on 4th October 2014 at 7:30 pm. It was held at the National Indoor Arena, Birmingham which is located near London.

Several of the Punjabi singers and artists, living in and out of the country, attended the awards function. Famous cricketer ‘Monty Panesar’, ‘Jasmin Wadia’, ‘ Sacha Brooks Sacha Brooks is an International radio presenter, >> Read More... ’ and several such celebrities were also in attendance. The award ceremony was hosted by the popular radio jockey duo Sunny and Shay. Famous TV presenter ‘Sukhi Bart’ also hosted the event. They had shifted to Birmingham from London.

Both of them entertained the audience with their rapping skills. What was most entertaining was the fact that both of them wore a mini skirt while rapping. San2, who was nominated in various categories in the previous year and who had also managed to sweep most of the awards, also entertained the audience with his performance. There were also splendid performances from B21, Nafeez, and ‘ Sophie Virdi Sophie Virdi is a gorgeous model, and actor. She i >> Read More... ’.

However, the most popular performance was given by ‘ Satinder Sartaaj Satinder Pal Singh lately known as Satinder Sartaa >> Read More... ’, who sang his very own newly released Sufi Punjabi songs. He was also awarded the Best Songwriter Award. ‘ Diljit Dosanjh Diljit Dosanjh, born on 6 January 1984, in Jalandh >> Read More... ’, a popular actor, and singer, also gave a stunning live performance in the ceremony. He bagged the International Act Award. He was also a big winner in the previous edition of the function.

‘Bloodline’ won the Newcomer Award while ‘ Mumzy Stranger Mumzy Stranger is an English Singer. With a birth >> Read More... ’ won the Best Non-Asian Music Award. ‘The Legends Band’ swept the Best Band Award. The Best Female Act was awarded to ‘ Kanika Kapoor Kanika Kapoor is a renowned playback signer in Ind >> Read More... ’, who is best known for her Bollywood song “Baby Doll”.  The Best Club DJ Award was swept by AJD while the Best Album Award was won by Album 12B composed by B21. ‘ Apache Indian Apache Indian is an English singer with a birth na >> Read More... ’ was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award. Best Urban Single was bagged by “Swag Mera Desi” by ‘ Manj Musik Manjeet Singh Ral, popular known as Manj Musik was >> Read More... ’ and ‘ Raftaar RAFTAAR was born on November 16, 1988 in Thiruvana >> Read More... ’.

The nominees of the award functions were released separately on 28th August 2014. Before the function, the CEO of Brit Asia TV, ‘Jaz Bal’ had said that they had planned the event extravagantly as this was the fifth year of the ceremony. The event was telecasted on the Brit Asia TV channel later, that year. The ceremony was sponsored by the Limo Broker.