Birthday: 1988

Born in Wythenshawe, a district of Manchester, United Kingdom, this adorable-looking chubby man named, John Bradley West is an English actor, who is best remembered for his role of "Samwell Tarly" (Jon Snow's friend at Castle Black) in the popular HBO fantasy television series, "Game of Thrones". At Wythenshawe, John Bradley West did his schooling at St. Paul's RC High School and further proceeded from Loreto College in Hulme, and the Manchester Metropolitan School of Theater.

John West's first and foremost featuring on the television screen was in the drama, "Borgia", where he played a trivial character of Cardinal Giovanni de' Medici. In the year 2012, he did an uncredited role in the movie, “ Anna Karenina”. Then, he got the role of Samwell Tarly in the television series, Game of Thrones, which is till date, one of the most followed television series around the globe. His character is that of a friend to one of the main characters, Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) and provides a dose of comic respite to the show, whose foundation is based on the genres of fantasy and full-blown action. Currently, he has an upcoming movie, “ Patient Zero” in the year of 2016, where he plays the role of “Scooter”.

Even by looking at the pictures, it is quite clear that John Bradley West is not an epitome of fitness when it comes to body images. He is fairly overweight, to say it mildly. Recently, one of the fans shamed this celebrity for his fat body, asking him why he was still a fat man in the show if he was trekking and hiking all over the place without actually eating even a single bite. According to Bradley-West, this just shows that it’s not just women who have to go through the pressures of having the perfect body in the glamor industry. His response has to be the most dignified one; he said, “OK, look. This is a fantasy show. We’ve got giant fire-breathing dragons, we’ve got ice zombies, we’ve got women giving birth to a cloud- why do you think it’s me still being fat that you just don’t buy?”

Joe Alaskey English Actor

Joe Alaskey

Joseph Francis “Joe” Alaskey was born on 17th April 1952 in Troy, U.S.A. He was an actor and a renowned comedian. From a very tender age, Joe was interested in portraying different characters once he searched for cigarette butts and sunglasses to play different characters. He was interested in becoming an archeologist and soon after that wanted to become a priest. In 1970, he shifted to New York and worked as an insurance agent before becoming a full-time actor. Joe used to personate Jackie Gleason and was once approached by him to record some dialogues for the series, “The Honeymooners”. Joe Alaskey has lent his voice to various TV shows, cartoons which include voicing the character of Dr. Octopus in the animated Spider-Man and in Spider-Man video game voiced in Curt Connors. Joe also vocalized for the Sponge Bob video game series where he lent his voice for Mermaid Man. He was an active choice for many producers and directors; he was also part of the Tom and Jerry movies. The 1995 animated release Casper also had Joe as one of the members of the voicing team where Joe voiced for Stinky, who was Casper’s uncle and is one of the Ghostly Trio members. Joe vocalized for Tweety, Bugs Bunny, Sylvester and Daffy Duck for the cartoon network series premiered in 2003. Joe Alaskey appeared in Forrest Gump which was a rom-com movie and was very different from the mainstream cinema where it affected many important events in the mid 20th century. A hilarious comedy flick which made the audience holds their breath with laughter. The film grossed $678 million worldwide and was highly acclaimed by the people. Joe has also been a part of various TV series where he appeared playing different supporting roles; some of them were All Grown Up! , The Little Mermaid, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Bonkers, etc. Joe Alaskey was an exceptional artist and has also vocalized for characters in video games like Lonely Tunes: Duck Amuck, Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, Rugrats: Studio Tour, etc. He has been an inspiration to many and has been an excellent voice artist in all his active years. Joe Alaskey died on 3rd February 2016 due to cancer from which he was suffering from a long time.