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Gourmet Central   English OTHERS on NDTV Good Times
Written By - Team Nettv4u

Gourmet Central is a cookery based reality TV show which came on the channel NDTV Good Times. The series is an English language one that came between Monday and Friday between the one hour slot of 7 PM and 8 PM. The program is a delectable one and got presented by Vicky Ratnani Vickey Ratnani is an Indian Celebrity chef. He is >> Read More... , who is an immensely successful as well as personable chef. He presents a wide range of fancy food items which leave the viewers with their mouths watering. He does a fine job of turning these complex looking preparations into very simple concoctions which totally hook the person tasting it from the get go.

Gourmet Central is not just another food show with glitzy and special appearances but presents Vicky’s own alter ego, devoid of any celebrity mark or status. It is a unique show wherein the chef continues to engage in a conflict within himself and his fascination with the food he is preparing. He never fails to weave his magical charm on the viewers and keeps them hooked from start to end. He provides great recipes which can get used for cooking a huge variety of dishes for any occasion you can think of ranging from special occasions to the small and numerous everyday cooking pleasures. He even shares some useful and easy tips to make kitchen work fuss-free. These innovative ideas make the whole experience of cooking entertaining and effortless.

Each and every episode centers on a broad main theme which forms the center of attraction. This can get based on situations as well which would dictate the kind of menu required. Chef Vicky Ratnani is as witty, wacky, and wicked as they come. He got blessed with a great sense of humor that audience members find endearing. He enthralls everyone with his cute as well as funny little antics. Whenever he starts to cook, he becomes clueless regarding the world and what is going on around him. His passion for food and cooking are easily visible in his work.

The lounge and the kitchen are his favorite spots where he likes to hang out. He is also a lover of nature and maintains his private garden with a variety of herb plants in his collection. He has trained intensively with some of the best in the business and traveled extensively to get where he is today. He works on a regular basis as the Corporate Chef at Aurus located in Mumbai.



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