Summary Could spookiness be conveyed in a different manner without any gory scenes and without any apparitions making rounds in the corridor And could re

Yaavarum Nalam Movie Review

Yaavarum Nalam Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Yaavarum Nalam"
Runtime: 2 Hours 24 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 06-03-2009
4 / 5.0


Could spookiness be conveyed in a different manner, without any gory scenes, and without any apparitions making rounds in the corridor? And, could real-life instances bearing resemblance to a television show prove to be a hair-raising experience? Director Vikram K. Kumar has answered these questions through the movie, Yaavarum Nalam. The title name is in fact a television show captivating the attention of a family in the movie. Yaavarum Nalam is without the stereotypes of a horror flick, and shows us that a well-crafted storyline could retain the audience till the movie’s climax.


A happy live-together family shifts to an apartment in the 13th floor, and the door number is again the ominous number 13. A murder happens in the house several years back, and the family headed by Madhavan, an engineer, is ignorant of the fact. A television show, Yaavarum Nalam, starts having consequences in real life. It wreaks havoc as every part of the TV serial bears resemblance to the real-life happenings. Also, the show hints what is going to happen next to the family. An external power seems to monitor the happenings in the television show. Madhavan observes the strange coincidences between the show and real life. Madhavan has to make out the impending danger by watching the show, and save his family from trouble. The guide dog cringes and croons as it gets nearer to the apartment. Also, the elevator doors are jammed, not allowing Madhavan to enter the apartment. Such scenes send shivers across the audience. There are romantic scenes in the movie showing Madhavan with actress Neetu Chandra Neetu Chandra is a famous actress in South India. >> Read More... , but such moments are sparse.


The movie’s plot is simple enough, and there are necessary elements to the movie that make it a typical horror flick. Just an addiction to the television by the family members is the central feature of the story. The movie, unlike any other flick, does not have ghosts walking around. Neither does it have gory scenes in it to prove its worth as a horror flick. Mere real life coincidences with a television show send chills down the spine. Scenes showing Madhavan trying to make sense out of what is happening have been portrayed beautifully.

Star Performances:

The television and Madhavan are the central characters in the movie. Madhavan’s body language and expressions bring fear in the audience’s eyes. He has performed romantic scenes with Neetu Chandra to near perfection. Although there is a scant performance by Neetu Chandra in this debutant Tamil venture of hers, she has done it well.

What is there?

1. There is a tinge of yellow color to the screen that adds to the unearthliness in the movie.

2. The camera by P. C. Sriram sets the pulse racing in the audience, and also the movie is fast enough and does not prove tiresome.

3. There is the humor element in the movie, but it does not hinder the story’s progress.

4. The background music by Tubbi is of course the right ingredient to this frightful movie.

What is not there?

1. The movie may not be suitable for very young children.

2. Otherwise, there is not much to say against the movie.


You will find yourself quitting the habit of sticking to the television after watching the movie, whose horror element is just a small television.