After any family humor movie Sundar C who is called the king of light hearted and family humor he created his own horror universe With a bit of added humor w

Aranmanai Movie Review

Aranmanai Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Aranmanai"
Runtime: 2 Hours 41 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 19-09-2014
Genre: Comedy, Horror
3 / 5.0

After any family humor movie Sundar C, who is called the king of light hearted and family humor, he created his own horror universe. With a bit of added humor which is his signature, he had come forth with a comedy horror flick Aranmanai.

Plot: The movie starts with few people going towards an old palace, which they want to tidy up so it can be get readied for their owners who were supposed to be coming there later. Next day the family returns to their ancestral home. They were supposed to see the palace in Ayyanar. But when they started to stay at the palace, strange things start to happen. Like a little girl, who is the daughter of the maidservant starts to talk to someone invisible who she called Selvi Akka. But the mother of the girl says that she is mentally unstable.

Soon after this, some repeated incidents happen in an account of which they were unable to sell the house and have to prolong their stay. Meanwhile, the incidents continue, and there was surprise visit of Madhavi’s brother, their new bride of the family, who was determined to discover what the reasons behind all these incidents are.

Analysis: The cinema can be considered more of a comedy flick than a horror picture. The motion picture is watchable mostly because of Santhanam’s comedy while Sundar C has put forth a movie which makes us relieve his charm and proves once again why he is called king of family humor. His character as Madhavi’s brother is a thoughtful character, other than the predictable movie scenes; it is a good family entertainer.

Star Performances: If we talk about the performances delivered by the actors in the movies few of them should be given special consideration because the whole movie had dependent on their performance first of them is Andrea, who have delivered grand performance and stole the spotlight. But other than her Santhanam had entertained the viewers with his comical commonsense. And the narration and performance of Sundar C had made the whole thing complete.

What’s there? The best thing about the movie is their cast, as each and every one of them played their part very well. As the motion picture is a comedy horror flick, Santhanam had made the audience laugh with his funny shots. Also the lead female of the movie that is Raai Laxmi, Hansika and Andrea had played their part well just to add the boost this Cinema had needed but at last Andrea was the one who have stolen the spotlight with her marvelous performance.

What’s not there? The length of the movie is itself tiring because with such length there is no much horror or comic scenes that were present in the movie. So Audience has to wait for any scary or comical moment to occur throughout the movie. The Second thing is that the horror scenes of the movie are somewhat predictable, so the movie lacks the element of surprise here.

Verdict: The movie is a good entertainer, as a family picture, it is a good watch. But if you are expecting to see a horror motion picture you will be disappointed greatly.