Vikram K. Kumar is an Indian film director. He is known for his few selective films. This director had precarious beginnings, producing a short film that was educationally overwhelming and thematically flawless too. His short film emerged to unequivocal critical acclaim, catapulting this creator of short film into the limelight and attracting financiers to fund his subsequent feature films. His first task as a short filmmaker for ‘Silent Scream’ fetched him national recognition. This director was an MBA graduate but worked as an assistant director to Priyadarshan. He joined Priyadarshan when he was working on a lot of Hindi films. Vikram used to help in a patchwork of songs for films like Saat Rang Ke Sapne, Kabhi Naa Kabhi. Subsequently, Vikram B Kumar worked with him as a full-fledged assistant director for a Malayalam film called Chandralekha. Their participation in film-making continued for seven films. The last film where Vikram worked with Priyadarshan was’ Snehidiye’ which had Jyothika in the lead.

His association with Priyadarshan made him understand the grammar and technique of film-making. As a writer and director, he hoped to be very clear with his techniques and rules of filmmaking. This director was a movie buff and hardcore fan of cinema. He loved watching films, Indian or Hollywood. Later on, he went to make a career in cinema. His first film as an independent director was with Shriya Sharan. He introduced her in his first project’ Ishtam’ (Telugu) with Charan in 2001. In 2003, he came up with a different project ‘Alai ‘ with Simbu and Trisha. He also made a film in Hindi and Telugu with Madhavan, which did not fare well. Later, he made few films in Tamil languages too. This director felt to do different kinds of films and not of the same genre. He was of opinion, that to be a film success in box office, it is not necessary to have the high -budget. To make a successful film, one has to understand the artistic rules of popular narrative cinema. This director made a film’ Manam’ which fetched him an award and the film was a success too. His upcoming project in 2015 is a film “24’ which features Suriya, Samantha and Nithya Menen Born on April 8, 1988 Nithya Menen is indeed a sta >> Read More... Nithya Menen and expecting to hit theatres very soon.