Vai Raja Vai is the second directorial movie for Aishwarya Dhanush Aishwarya has tried a different movie in her debut with Dhanush and Shruthi and made everyon

Vai Raja Vai Movie Review

Vai Raja Vai Movie Review Tamil
Review for the film " Vai Raja Vai"
Runtime: 1 Hour 58 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 01-05-2015
Genre: Thriller, Romance
2.8 / 5.0

Vai Raja Vai Click to look into! >> Read More... is the second directorial movie for Aishwarya Dhanush. Aishwarya has tried a different movie in her debut with Dhanush and Shruthi and made everyone to keep fingers in their mouth. 3 was a hit movie with Aishwarya and what about Vai Raja Vai? Everyone expected this movie and this is a commercial movie and different from that of her previous.

The story of Vai Raja Vai is about the family of Karthik. Karthik does not have any big ambitions, but want a decent job and a good life to settle with. He lives happily with his mother, father and an elder sister. Satish is his best friend and he has his own company. When Karthik gets a good job, he meets his mate Priya. Karthik has a premonition power and he has already got into trouble, when he used it at school. His father did not like Karthik using his powers and hence Karthik promises his father that he will never use his power again and eventually the power vanishes. But, Karthik comes to know that he has got that power again, when he bet with his office colleague in cricket. What happens next is the balance story.

Gautham Karthik Gautham Karthik is the son of the popular actor Ka >> Read More... as Karthik could have performed better; he was better in Kadal, his debut movie. Priya Anand Priya Anand is a popular Tamil actress who has app >> Read More... did the role Priya and visits us as a regular heroine and there is nothing different given to her; but her performance is quite natural. Director Vasanth has performed as Gautham’s father and Vivekh as his colleague. Satish did the role of Gautham’s friend in his own name. Second half of the film has some interesting scenes with Tapsee and Daniel Balaji.

Though there is a heavy star cast in this movie, they just appear as guests and there is nothing notable in S. J. Suryah and other guests. Dhanush appears at the climax of the movie and his entry is enjoyed by the audience than the entire movie. Dhanush appears as Kokki Kumar and make the crowd to cheer. Vivekh and Satish had done their part well.

Music is neither impressive nor bad. Aishwarya could have handled the story in a different way. In simple, Vai Raja Vai did not match the performance of Three.