Plot Uttama Villain The most awaited movie of Kamal Hassan has released Opening scene of the movie is the fans are waiting for the release of the film of

Uttama Villan Movie Review

Uttama Villain Aka Uttama Villan Movie Review Tamil
Review for the film " Uttama Villan"
Runtime: 2 Hours 53 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 02-05-2015
Genre: Comedy, Drama
3.7 / 5.0

Plot: Uttama Villain… The most awaited movie of Kamal Hassan has released.

Opening scene of the movie is the fans are waiting for the release of the film of their favorite hero Manoranjan. Kamal is the hero Manoranjan and the scene starts with a dance with the heroine Pooja Kumar. Manoranjan is a popular film star, who is married to a rich girl and settled in the family. He has a rich father in law, who produces his films and makes him to earn success.

There is a shuttling wind blowing in his life and makes him a bedridden, as he is diagnosed of brain tumor. He also comes to know that he has a cute daughter through his first love. His life is in danger and he accepts the fate; but the artist within him longs to live. He wants to make a film that makes the people remember him forever and so he visits his mentor. His mentor is Margadarshi, with whom he wants to do his last movie. But Margadarshi denies agreeing to do a film with him; but Mano somehow managed to accept the deal with him. They start a film named Uttama Villain, which travels to the story of the eighteenth century theatre artist.

Kamal is an expert who could do any kind of roles irrespective of the age and appearance. Similarly, this film will be a milestone in his career, as he had tried it differently, as usual. His real mentor, director K. Balachander has acted in the film as Manoranjan’s mentor Margadarshi. Sadly, this is the last movie of Director K. B Sir. He has performed well in the character Margadarshi and stood in the minds of the viewers. Apart from Kamal’s character, Urvashi has done extraordinarily well. She appears as Kamal’s wife and other characters are not pleasing, including Andrea and Pooja Kumar. Comedy is exaggerated and the actions in the comedy scenes do not coincide with it. Overall, this film could be watched once for Kamal’s different appearance and also for the music by Ghibran.