Based on the famous ldquo Kanchana 2 rdquo director Francis Raj brings to you ldquo Ennama Katha Uduranunga rdquo It is a story which is all set to turn he

Ennama Katha Vudranunga Movie Review

Ennama Katha Vudranunga Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Ennama Katha Vudranunga"
Runtime: 2 Hours 15 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 05-08-2016
Genre: Thriller, Drama
2.5 / 5.0



Based on the famous “ Kanchana 2 Click to look into! >> Read More... ” director Francis Raj brings to you “Ennama Katha Uduranunga.” It is a story which is all set to turn heads! But it’s not as simple as Kanchana 2. The climax of this movie leaves you wondering when the twist started and how you never realised it!!

Plot: The entire story revolves around “ Vishal Bio coming soon... >> Read More... .” Being a typically kind hearted guy, Vishal is however overly obsessed with the supernatural and is determined to show the world that ghosts and spirits do exist. His obsession reaches the next level when he decides to anchor a show which is entirely aimed at convincing the audiences about the existence of the supernatural and other unearthly beings. The TRP of the show boosts up when Vishal surprisingly starts hosting the show by communicating with the ghosts themselves!

As more and more people start watching the show, Vishal gets overly excited and decides to take the show one step further. He has heard since the past few days about an old flat in the outskirts of Chennai which is rumoured to be haunted. He quickly makes up his mind to shift to the seemingly unpleasant location and start researching right away! He and his fellow men reach the site and start their analysis with their hi-tech ghost hunting equipment. In a matter of time, they immediately prove the existence of negative existence throughout the site.

The flat owners start forcing the builders to return their money as soon as possible. The builders, however, are too stubborn and refuse to believe Vishal and his team until they start experiencing the presence of spirits around them, and they are 100% convinced that these spirits mean no good. They immediately decide to abandon the site and flee to the city of Madurai. The twist finally hits the audiences when Vishal unexpectedly falls in love with a village girl Sowmya. What hideous consequences is Vishal destined to face? Watch this exciting flick to know more!

Analysis: - The first half of the movie is quite monotonous as it entirely revolves around Vishal and the ghosts he is communicating with. Since we can’t actually see the ghosts at the start of the film, it appears as though Vishal is just talking to himself! The filmmaker’s exaggeration on these scenes has indeed stolen a large portion of brightness and excitement from this film.

Star Performances: Vishal has done a great job and so have the other supporting actors. His expressions of shock, fear and excitement are absolutely mind blowing! His talents and acting skills have been brought up to the surface through this movie. Sowmya, the village girl, is indeed one of the most interesting characters in the entire movie and her excellent performance is sure to have rocked the audience!

What's There?

1) The setting and lighting are excellent.

2) The environment is extremely spooky and gives you the chills!

3) The jump scare moments are quite terrifying!

What's Not There?

1) The makeup is not scary at all and is quite dull.

2) The first half is extremely boring and monotonous.

3) The storyline is not very impressive and lacks content.

Verdict: Horror lovers may not find this movie the least bit scary, but they are sure to enjoy it!