Ravi Vijay Anand is first and foremost known to be a nephew to the great maestro Raja Vijay Anand. Another member of the iconic music composer, Ilaiyaraaja, this young man set out to be a music director in the Tamil movie industry. Born and raised in the city of Chennai, there isn’t much to go on in terms of the music director’s personal and familial relationships, other than the prominent name that his family holds under the cache of the Tamil cinema umbrella.

Vijay Anand’s most prominent work that put him in the spotlight was directing the music and soundtrack for the movie Tamil movie Ennamma Kadhaiudraanuga. This movie saw the debut of not only Anand in terms of the soundtrack, but also helped budding stars to make their big break.

These stars are Alisha Chopra Alisha Chopra is a Tamil actress who must have gon >> Read More... Alisha Chopra , Shalu, and Arvi, just to name a few. Not much else has been published about this director, but it is no secret that he comes from a very talented family with lots more to offer to audiences across the country.