Akshay Anand Master is an Indian Tamil choreographer who has predominantly worked in the Tamil film industry. He choreographed Ennama Katha Vudranunga Click to look into! >> Read More... Ennama Katha Vudranunga , which is a Tamil thriller movie that had released on 5th August 2016. The movie had been directed by V. Francis Raj. The movie also featured Arvee and Alishaa Chopra as lead characters. The entire story revolves around Vishal, who is the lead character of the cinema.

The main lead is a strong believer of supernatural power and tried to communicate with them despite others being against him. He is a talented choreographer who had been successful in devising and teaching the dance routines to the actors and others.

The road of a choreographer also includes creating styles that will be visually appealing for the viewers and focusing on intricate visual details. There is no doubt about Akshay Anand Master’s focus in these areas, and that is why he has succeeded in creating dance routines that are extremely appealing and impressive.