Randu is scripted and directed by Sujith Lal. Vishnu Unnikrishnan, Anna Reshma Rajan, Tini Tom, Indrans, Irshad, Kalabhavan Rahman, Mamitha Baiju, Maala Par

Randu Movie Review

Randu Movie Review Malayalam Movie Review
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Review for the film " Randu"
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Runtime: 2 hours 02 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 07-01-2022
Genre: Drama
4 / 5.0



Randu is scripted and directed by Sujith Lal Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Sujith Lal . Vishnu Unnikrishnan Vishnu Unnikrishnan works as an actor and screenwr >> Read More... Vishnu Unnikrishnan , Anna Reshma Rajan Anna Reshma Rajan is an Indian movie actress who p >> Read More... Anna Reshma Rajan , Tini Tom Tini Tom is a famous Indian movie actor, TV awards >> Read More... Tini Tom , “ Indrans Indrans, who was born as K. Surendran, is a Malaya >> Read More... Indrans ,” “ Irshad Irshad is an Indian actor in Malayalam films. He h >> Read More... Irshad ,” Kalabhavan Rahman Kalabhavan Rahman is a committed Malayalam actor w >> Read More... Kalabhavan Rahman , , Maala Parvathi Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Maala Parvathi , Mareena Michael Kurisingal Mareena Michael Kurisingal is a budding Indian act >> Read More... Mareena Michael Kurisingal , Muhammed Mustafa, Sudhi Koppa Sudhi Koppa was born in Kerala, India. He is an ac >> Read More... Sudhi Koppa , Swaraj Gramika Swaraj Gramika is an Indian actor who works in Mal >> Read More... Swaraj Gramika , and Subeesh Sudhi Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Subeesh Sudhi are cast. Bijibal Maniyil Bijibal Maniyil is an Indian composer and a singer >> Read More... Bijibal Maniyil composed the music. Anish Lal Anish Lal is a Malayalam cinematographer. He has a >> Read More... Anish Lal cranked the camera and editing is by . Prajeev Sathyavarthan Prajeev Satyavarthan is an Indian film producer pr >> Read More... Prajeev Sathyavarthan produced the film.


There had always been a community clash in a small town, where the auto-rickshaw driver, Vava, lives. Vava had also got into trouble, as he had been spotted somewhere where he had nothing to do. One day, a lorry driver, who passed by, tore a community flag to use as a muffler. Unknowing about that, the community members doubted the opposite party. They suspect Vava, as he was found in a mosque’s toilet at 4 am. He didn’t explain why he was there, so he was targeted for the wrongdoing. How did he come out of the situation? Was there anyone to hear him? The rest of the film deals with it comically.

Star Performance

Vishnu Unnikrishnan is pretty decent in his role, Vava. His facial expressions and body language are fantastic. Anna Reshma Rajan, Sudhi Koppa and Tini Tom had also done their roles well.


The writing is lovely, and the debutant Sujith passed his first test with distinction. The characters are finely carved, and the right actors are placed. The cinematography is excellent and the editing is neat. The BGM gels well with the story and is impressive too. The scenes are decently created, and the screenplay quickly carries the story.

What’s There?

  • The performances of the stars are good
  • The script, screenplay, and direction are neat
  • The film is technically sound

What’s Not There?

  • Except for a very few minor flaws, nothing is negative


The film has all the essentials needed for a family entertainer. It also comes with all emotions, and the comedy scenes are also impressive. Randu is definitely a one-time watch with the family!