Kalabhavan Rahman is a committed Malayalam actor who began his acting career as early as 1986 with a small appearance as an ice-cream parlour waiter in the Reghunath Paleri directed the movie- ‘Onnu muthal poojyam vare’. He was born and brought up in Aluva in the Ernakulam district of Kerala, India. Rahman completed his higher education at U.C.College, Aluva.

He presently resides at Ernakulum with his wife-Rejula Rahman, Son Fahim Rahman and Daughter Thanvi Rahman. He has taken steady and consistent steps throughout his acting career spanning almost 30 years. The title ‘Kalabhavan’ in his name stands for the centre of learning of arts in Kochi, Kerala, which has a reputation for producing the finest artists in the Malayalam film and media industry.

Rahman was one among the founder members of the mimicry troop initiated by Kalabhavan. Other members of the troop include Siddique, Lal, Anzar, K.S. Prasad Varkichan, etc. who’ve proven their worth in the field. Owing to his experience and background in mimicry and other comical mediums of entertainments, he had donned the role of a comedian artist in Malayalam movies such as ‘Nanma Niranjavan Sreenivasan’, ‘Mangalya Pallakku’, ‘Mimics action 500’ etc.

In the recent years, he has taken roles that require the most natural acting skills and has been successful in this venture, His role as a bus conductor in the Jeethu joseph-directed movie named ‘ Drishyam’ proves this. With precise use of expressions and impeccable dialogue delivery, he gives grace and sophistication to a character who plays in less than five scenes in the movie.

This is similar to his role in the 2015 film- ‘ Nirnayakam’. He only appears in the beginning and end of the film-As a man who loses his interview owing to a traffic block caused by a political party staging their rally. Even when he is limited by the length or duration of his shots, Kalabhavan Rahman brings a certain amount of life into the characters that he portrays. This is a common feature in over 30 films that he has worked in so far.

Jayanth Telugu Actor


Jayanth Reddy, popularly known as just ‘Jayanth’ is a film actor from Andhra Pradesh. His birthplace is the village of Addalla in Andhra Pradesh. However, he lived most of his grown-up life in the capital of the state, Hyderabad. He belongs to a political background. Patlolla Manik Reddy is Jayanth Reddy’s real paternal Uncle. Narasimha Reddy is the father-in-law of Jayanth’s father, Jayapal Reddy. His family is quite well known to have played a huge role in running the political happenings of the then undivided state of Andhra Pradesh. Not only politics but they have also ventured out in the field of business and are quite prominent there too. Jayanth completed his schooling at the Hyderabad Public school, which is present in the Begumpet area of Hyderabad. He earned his graduation degree in Mass Communications from the famed St. Mary’s College, which is in Hyderabad itself. Like many other of his fellow actors, he discovered his passion for getting into acting during his college days. He, however, was not sure about taking up acting as a career despite his love for this work. Instead, he got himself admitted in Salford College of London, England. He was going to study the course of International Business Management in London at the post-graduation level. His family knew about his passion regarding acting and encouraged him to enroll in an Institute dedicated to films while he was in London. He was to take classes for acting here. Spending his time in this movie institute of London proved to be enlightening for him and he got inspired to work in motion pictures again. He came back to India after his studies at the earliest to work in pictures for Tollywood. Soon after returning to India, he was offered a role in the movie I Hate You. The motion picture got made by a close associate of Puri Jagannath. Unfortunately, the film never got released due to some unfavourable conditions. However, this attempt publicized Jayanth. He played the character of Vishnav in this un-released picture. Soon, he got an offer of acting as the male lead in another Telugu film called Love Touch. Sri Chand was the person who worked on the direction of this movie. It was successful and appreciated by critics. He played the role of an individual named Sunny in Love Touch. For his work in the second motion picture, he received wide fame from Dasari Narayan Rao, who is a Telugu, film director. He believes that Jayanth Reddy has a lot of potential in him.


Kamalakar Reddy

Boochepalli Kamalakar Reddy, known simply as Kamalakar Reddy, was an Indian actor in the Telegu film industry, commonly referred to as Tollywood. He was well-known for his debut film ‘Abhi’, which he also produced himself. He later produced two more films. Before the release of his fourth film, he passed away due to neurological complications. Coming from the town of Cheemakurthi in the Prakasam district of Andhra Pradesh, Reddy always had dreams of making it big in Tollywood. His brother is MLA B. Sivaprasad Reddy. It is worth noting that Kamalakar took very little help and support from his brother even though he could have possibly been an even bigger star had he used his family’s political clout. He was described by many as an actor that had immense faith in his own abilities. This is proven by the fact that he self-produced his debut film, titled Abhi. The film is a standard love story based on how Reddy’s character, named Abhi, falls in love with a girl and then goes on to save her from a troublesome scenario while also earning the respect of her elder sibling. The movie is a fairly popular one although the story and premise didn’t offer anything new or different to the audiences. His next film ‘Hasini’ was released in 2010 and was also produced by him. The movie once again saw him take center stage in the lead role. It was a romantic drama movie and critics basically described it as a movie of two halves; the first part of the film is well laid-out, but the second half tends to meander and is nowhere near as good as the first half. The movie didn’t do great numbers at the box office either. His third movie ‘Sanchalanam’ once again saw him reprise the role of both producer and lead actor. Sanchalanam followed a similar path as that of his previous movie by starting off fairly well but then unraveling into an absurd plot as the film went on. His fourth movie Band Balu tragically turned out to be his last. During the music launch of the film, Reddy slipped and took a bad fall. He was already suffering from a certain nerve disorder, and this fall led to medical complications that saw him admitted to hospital. He died while admitted there at the young age of 34. He was married and had two children, a boy and a girl.

Kamalakar Reddy Telugu Actor