Top 10 Malayalam Movies With Brilliant Plots

Top 10 Malayalam Movies With Brilliant Plots Malayalam Article

Successful movies come with a great plot that manages to captivate the audience, and lingers for a long time after leaving the theatre. When it comes to Malayalam films, there are instances of great plots that make the experience of cinema even more memorable.Here is a list dedicated to the Malayalam movies with the most interesting plots.

1. Munnariyippu

Written by Unni R and directed by Venu, this suspense drama packs in just the right amount of thrill to captivate the audience. The story revolves around a journalist, documenting the life of a mysterious jail inmate who continues to stay in prison despite serving his term.The plot with its twists and turns, added to the uncanny final climax, and gives the film all the more reason to linger on for long after it's over. Munnariyippu is a worthy watch thanks to its enthralling plot.


2. Manichitrathazhu

Written by Madhu Muttam Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Madhu Muttam , this psychological thriller was the inspiration behind the starrer hit film Bhool Bhulaiyaa Click to look into! >> Read More... Bhool Bhulaiyaa . An engaging plot with a perfect mix of a paranormal twist together led to a worthy watch and drew audiences in large numbers. What started as a typical haunted house story with disturbed past, turned out to be totally different, when it took a brilliant turn that attributed all the supernatural occurring to multiple personality disorder of one of the characters.It remains to be one of the best-written plots of the Malayalam films.


3. Drishyam


This Jeethu Joseph directed thriller, calls for the highest possible praise for its superb plot, stellar performances, and sheer brilliance. A movie that can be watched and rewatched for multiple times, Drishyam truly stands out with one of the best plots in Malayalam films. Since its release this film has been remade into several languages including the Ajay Devgan Ajay Devgn is an Indian film actor. He is perhaps >> Read More... Ajay Devgan starrer Bollywood hit, which goes by the same name.

4. Bangalore Days Click to look into! >> Read More... Bangalore Days


Directed by Anjali Menon Anjali Menon is a Malayalam film director who came >> Read More... Anjali Menon , Bangalore Days is a refreshing take on the urban society mainly focusing on today's youth and their problems. The plot with its honest approach to real situations makes the movie all the more compelling. The story revolves round the lives of three cousins who try to find their way through the pangs of adulthood and cope up with the modern lifestyle. Menon’s appealing portrayal of the reality of today's young India makes this film a worthy watch.


5. Guppy

Guppy revolves around the story of a young teenager coping with the struggles of life and looking after an ailing mother, selling ornamental fish for a living. The innocent storytelling with the fresh portrayal of a young protagonist, and the turn of events in his life, definitely make Guppy a great plot, worthy of all the praise.


6. Sandesham


Written by Sreenivasan, this classic film of the 90’s is among the best political satires ever portrayed on the silver screen. The film revolves around a family with politically opinionated sons, a retired father and a series of drama that unfolds in the wake of a political rivalry of the brothers. Surely, it is one of the best Malayalam films made till date.

7. Kali

Kali is a coming of age movie that depicts the story of a young couple, struggles to cope with anger problems of one and much more. Drama with a touch of thriller is the perfect formula for a great plot.

8. Kilukkam

A romantic drama with layers of empathy, love, and complexity, Kilukkam was a commercial success back in the 90’s. The plot revolves around a mentally disturbed tourist guide and her chance encounter with two men who gradually unravel her complex past. The engaging storyline makes it a praiseworthy movie to watch.

9. Maheshinte Prathikaaram

The story revolves around a low-key photographer Mahesh, and his revenge for honour. An interesting plot along with strong screen presence, packs a powerful punch. The story is appealing, making it quite a worthy watch.

10. Ann Mariya Kalippilanu

The story comes as a breath of fresh air with an 8-year-old as the main protagonist. The childish innocence and its life-changing influence on a man gone down the wrong path, together with the simplicity of storytelling and natural acts, make this movie a must mention among the Malayalam films with great plots.