Pranav Mohanlal as a debut actor and the famous director Jeethu Joseph sets off high expectations for the astounding stunts and chase scenes Mollywood welcome

Aadhi Movie Review

Aadhi Movie Review Malayalam Movie Review
Review for the film " Aadhi"
Runtime: 2 Hours 38 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 26-01-2018
Genre: Action
3.5 / 5.0



Pranav Mohanlal as a debut actor, and the famous director Jeethu Joseph sets off high expectations for the astounding stunts and chase scenes. Mollywood welcomes the action genre and thriller movie that doesn’t let the hopes down. Hero gets a chance to perform in Bangalore while he leaves his hometown Kerala with bigger aspiration to become an independent musician who unknowingly gets into trouble.


Aditya is a musician who gets stuck in an unexpected accident while he is in Bangalore. Whether he survives through the odd is the plot here. The first half has the character identification part, and the informal love of parents from Kerala who eloped and did an inter-religious marriage during their adulthood. Their loving son Adhi pursues career in music and lands in Karnataka to succeed in career as a performer who gets blamed for a murder and flees for his life.


Though a debut actor, Pranav has given a blockbuster that would pump up everyone’s heart-beat with his chasing scenes and movie plot. Music is a plus point adding more elegance to the scenes. Pranav unconditionally gained the score from the audience with his natural acting before the camera. The crew members were perfect for every role, and a promising act was done by each cast member. Jeethu giving different stories in his movies with a powerful climax and suspense thriller. The film involves the audience into the movie from the beginning till the end with each minute in absolute suspense. With real crowded locations, the action was overwhelming.

Star Performances

Jagapati Babu with a negative role has done the villain part perfect at every angle. Siddique as Mohan and Lena as Rosy as the ever-loving parents from Kerala are good with a touching realism. Anusree as Jaya and Sharaf U Deen as Sarath are friends with Pranav who helps him out of the trap, and had done their role well. There existed equal importance for every character that bloomed relation with the centre role as Pranav.

What’s there?

• Parkour scenes with Pranav mastering it.

• A thriller with suspense and good background score till climax.

• Climax with nail-biting sequence.

• The crew members were exceptionally good and everyone deserves special attention.

What’s not there?

• Few scenes sound familiar.


An action-packed thriller entertainer with absolute suspense till the end.