The Top 10 Best Roles Of Mammoty In Malayalam Cinema

The Top 10 Best Roles Of Mammoty In Malayalam Cinema Malayalam Article

1. Oru Pathirakolapathakathinte Katha:

 Mammoty, as a person is a man of words and his presence enlightens the environment. In this movie, he plays three different roles and has made efforts in making the story a successful one. It’s a Drama/Mystery plot released in 2009 starring Mammoty, Shwetha Menon, and Mythili in the direction of Ranjith. Hari Das is a lawyer by occupation who tries to crack down a case initially but ends up doing great wonders to it by playing along. The case is on Sexual Harassment of women and with Mammoty playing the Trio role the audience won’t be able to predict the story as the mystery unfurls itself only in the end.


2. Thalapathy:

What’s eternal in life? We may not know the exact answer to this but it is “ Friends A journey of six friends, living with each other i >> Read More... Friends ” according to many. Friendship is a bond between people that can create and destroy a person. Thalapathy is a movie directed by Manirathnam. In it , Rajinikanth is an orphan, and Mammoty befriends him from the time they were young. When you get blessed with such a relationship, it builds you from scratch. Mammoty and Rajinikanth moreover become role models to all the friends out there


3. Ponthanamada:


The British India for some may occur as a tragedy whereas for the others it may be an opportunity for making a better society. The plot of Ponthanamada revolves around this concept, PonthanMada (Mammoty) is a man who belongs to the lower strata of the society during the rule of British, and he befriends Sheeman Thampura ( Naseeruddin Shah Naseeruddin Shah is an experimental actor and asso >> Read More... Naseeruddin Shah ) who becomes the colonial landlord. The sort of relationship they share unaffected by the rift between the poor and the rich is inexplicable and Thampura gets removed from his position for helping out the Irish Republican Army. T.V. Chandran directed the film.

4. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar:


What is the first word that strikes your mind hearing about the word ‘Caste’? It’s such an Irony as into why caste emerged and how is it prevailing in the world today. It was initially made to group people and not classify them or humiliate them with their caste. Dr. B.R Ambedkar is the name we all remember upon the word Caste. Mammoty played the role of the Fighter in this movie as his Biopic.

5. Oru VadakkanVeeragatha:


 An action-oriented script directed by Hariharan starring Mammoty as a Kalari Paytu trainer; an ancient martial art of Kerela. A story about a man called Chanthu; a famous saint starring Mammoty impressed the public with its shooting skills and expressions. The Background music and the Fight sequence add to the success of the movie.


6. Pranchiyettan and Saint:


 Renjith directed the movie starring Mammoty; a film to watch before you die for its humour and story sense. Chirammal Eanashu Francis, a rice vendor has an inferiority complex, he is not educated and people mock at him with nicknames. He puts himself into several loopholes to become rich and ends up purchasing a ‘padmashree’ for himself. The film then revolves on how his life takes a revolution on meeting an interior designer.

7. Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja:

Mammoty and history go well with each other and he nails it everytime. Hariharan directed the film and it revolves around the story of an elite family during the time of British rule and Pazhassi is a king who protects the people of Thrissur from being the victims of the taxes issued by the government rule of Britishers. Mammoty, Mohanlal, and Kanika played the lead roles.

8. Vatsalyam:

 A beautiful movie themed under the relationship between two brothers. Raghavan Nair (Mammoty) is uneducated, hardworking man who goes through great hardship to make his younger brother gain education. Vijayakumaran (Siddique) gets married to a rich woman who shatters the bond between them by turning the brothers against each other. Mammoty, Siddique, and Sunitha played the lead roles.

9. Raapakal:

 A family is a family only when the bond of it exists together without any disputes, greed and Jealousy. Krishnan (Mammoty), a man with no background comes to Sarada Amma’s house as a kid and grows up taking care of her when all her children abandon her and go to foreign and get married. They decide to visit it and have a reunion and the village gets festive with decorations and multiple other welcoming forms. The family comes together and ends up wanting their share of the house. Sarada Amma is devastated with this, Krishna steps in and changes the situation. Kamal directed the film.

10. Samrajyam:

It’s a story about the life of a gangster on how he creates an empire which he rules through his leadership skills. Jomon directed the film starring Mammoty and Srividya with the lead roles. The second version of the film releases recently with the title “Samrajyam 2: Son of Alexander.