Meerabai Not Out Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Meerabai Not Out"
Runtime: 2 Hours 03 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 05-12-2008
Genre: Romance, Drama, Comedy
1.5 / 5.0

This is a story of a crazy story of a cricket lover cum school teacher. This movie traces the journey of a woman who leads her own life according to her terms.

Plot:  MandiraBediis, a middle-class woman, living with her other family members. She is a widow and is employed as a teacher with a school. She is a big cricket fan and heads the team in her colony. Her mother and brother are constantly in search of a groom for her, but her over enthusiasm for cricket and her behenji type attitude are the drawbacks she faces. Life changes when she meets Eijaz Khan, a doctor. Everything is planned for them until she disappears on the day of her marriage. What holds in next for her?

Analysis:  Although the film talks about cricket, the main focus is well drifted away. It is more of a love story. Dialogues are well worded. The background score is fine and scope for music is pretty less.It is a sincere effort on the part of the director but as a compilation of various events, it fails to be successful on screen.

Star Performance: MandiraBedi acts really well. She is quite evident and impressive. Eijaz Khan is a fine actor and if given a chance further, would do a great job shortly.

What is there? 1. The promotional track is worth praising. 2. An imaginative new storyline. 3. Witty lines written.

What is not there? 1. An impactful script. 2. Deviation from the main issue. 3. Not even one good song to remember.

Verdict:  And so "Meerabai Not Out" hasn’t been able to hit a six or a four. Being a below average film, it just manages not to get clean bold.