Music runs through his veins. He hails from Kolkata, India. He was brought up in an environment clouded with devotion, tradition and religion. His music involves a soulful tone which brings bhakti and endurance when you listen to it.

He does bhajans, mantras and intriguing religious music of the Bauls- the Sufi magic of Bengal.

A big Krishna Bhakta, Barman, carries a huge understanding and love towards Vedic and yogic rituals and the beauty and power of ancient mantras.

He hosts a series of YouTube videos, preaching his views and beliefs, which include meditation and guru mantras. He believes religion is like the sun. One sun, but many rays. He once mentioned in an interview that “That divinity has many facets, just like him”

Badar Ali Khan Hindi Actor

Badar Ali Khan

Badar Ali Khan was a famous Pakistani personality, who was born in Pak Pattan, in Pakistan. Badar had established himself as a musician and had recorded more than a dozen music albums. All his albums were sold like hotcakes and were released under various high grossing U. K. and Indian recording names. The birth name of Badar Ali Khan is Badar Miandad. He has come from a family that is renowned for making qawwali, devotional songs in Pakistan. Ali Khan is related to the famous music conductor Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Badar Ali Khan debuted in the music field by initially making qawwali. He became a noted Musician in the 1980s when his qawwalis got widely recognized. He entered into Bollywood, through the Salman Khan starring movie, Virod. He has done over twenty-two music albums that have been released worldwide. He has been the Music Director of many Pakistani movies, such as Janat Ki Talash, Chupkay Chupkay. But Shikan and a few more. In Order to stand out from the crowd, Badar has given many out of the box songs. He was appreciated for influencing a western theme on the conventional religious songs. Badar had created a devotional song titled Good Karma 1 that was produced by Suresh Baba Varma. The qawwali went on to become a number one selling album. Some of his critically acclaimed songs are Dam Dam Hussain Maula Hussain, Tu Nahi Tay Teriyan Yaadan Sahi, Ganj Shakar Waliyan Da Raja, Jashan-e-Aamad-e-Rasool and so on. Some of the famous albums to his credit are Lost in Qawwali 2, Daata Da Malang, Kronic, Udeekan and a dozen more. Pakistan lost this talented musician in the month of March 2007. The legend Badar Ali Khan passed away due to Heart attack, after suffering for two years due to the illness.