Rangita Pritish Nandy Pritish Nandy is a prominent Indian poet, journali >> Read More... is a director and a producer in Bollywood. As the name suggests, she is the daughter of Pritish Nandy. Her first project was “The Accident” that was slated to release in 2011 but was eventually stalled.

Some of her famous works are: “ Chameli Click to look into! >> Read More... ” (2003), “Jhankaar Beats” (2003) among others. She recently produced some hits including “ Pyaar Ke Side Effects Click to look into! >> Read More... ” in 2006, “ Ugly Aur Pagli Click to look into! >> Read More... ” in 2008, and “ Shaadi Ke Side Effects Click to look into! >> Read More... ” in 2014, which starred Farhan Akhtar One of the most recognized young director of India >> Read More... and Vidya Balan Vidya Balan is an award winning Bollywood actress >> Read More... , with a refreshing twist to the genre of drama in the industry

For Pritish, his daughter is the light and shining star of his production house as well as the soul of the house. When asked about his daughter in an interview he did not deter from talking about Rangita as the main, who handles the production house. He says, in a male dominated society like ours, where everybody is busy showing off their machismo, the fathers should come forward and protect their daughters. On being asked about what Rangita thinks about her father and her career graph, she says, it was all pre-planned for her. She did not have to strive or work hard to establish like how her father had to. On being asked, what she learned from her father, quick her reply came, “It might fill a whole book.” She owes whatever she is, as a person, and what she implements in her, to her father and how her parents brought her up. She adds to it, by saying that her parents never made her as well as her sister feel left out for anything. Be it any materialistic demands, the two daughters, always had their parents’ ears, every alternate day. Rangita says, this is what has helped them grow qualities like love, compassion, honesty were ingrained in them even before they developed their own personalities. This has helped her in her work front as well all her life. When asked, how it feels to work with father, Rangita is quick to reply that her father is more like a companion to her (even though have small ideological clashes) but she thinks, these are healthy as it gives birth to new ideas. And we are well aware of the works by her which stand out from rest of the productions every year.

Ranjan Shandilya

Ranjan Shandilya is an Indian film director. He is a native of a place by the name Motihari located in the state of Bihar. He completed engineering from Manipal Institute of Technology, but somewhere in the bottom of his heart, he knew that he wanted to pursue the field of filmmaking. After getting a degree, he moved to Mumbai to pursue his passion. He has a philosophical side to him and believes in going after all dreams in life as you live only once. His philosophies and its progress are visible clearly in his movie called Finding the Guru. The story of the film is inspired from a book that Ranjan read and liked immensely. Ranjan chose this topic as he believed that the sayings in the book deserved to be spoken about and reach the masses. He began the shoot of the project with merely 15 thousand rupees in his account. As and when required, some people came forward and helped him with the finances, and the execution of his project continued. The shootings took place in real caves and the cast and crew shot in live locations. His other movie is titled Myoho which means mystic law. This film too has a spiritual and philosophical inclination and focuses on the saying that what goes around, comes around. The plot contains two stories, one of which is set in the year 1915 in Bihar during the time of the earthquake and involves 14 characters. The second part of the narrative is about the 26/11 attacks in the year 2008. The unique twist in the tale is that those 14 people who died in the earthquake reincarnated and are victims of the terrorist attacks in Mumbai. A Punjabi movie star Kalwanjit Singh starred in the movie. His inspiration for the project came out of thin air, and he thinks that it existed in his minds since a while but surfaced at the time when he thought of it. People around him were against him making such a movie. They advised him to first do some credible projects to establish himself as an actor by casting a star like a Khan in his film and later make an unconventional film so that it garners more attention. He sought advice from his mother who told him to go ahead with Myoho. His future movies include a film based on Champaran and another one which is an action based project.

Ranjan Shandilya Hindi Actor