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Hindi Movie Actress Prateeksha Lonkar
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Prateeksha Lonkar is an actress for many films and TV series. She is known for her Marathi films in India. She got her name and fame for her lead role portrayal in the Marathi TV show Damini. The show aired on Doordarshan Sahyadri. She was born and raised in Aurangabad in Maharashtra. Her mother was a teacher and father was a popular doctor in the city.

After finishing her schooling, she decided to try for following her dreams in an acting career. Her career started when she moved to Bombay for increasing her chances of getting selected and making a long career in the acting career. She played in many TV shows in both Hindi and Marathi series. She played the lead character of Damini on the TV show Damini, which became for medium for her stardom. Another Hindi TV shows Kahaani Nahi.... Jeevan Hai, which was a remake of Vasudha in the language of Marathi.

She was the best lead role in both the TV shows. She also played the role of Yashoda in the TV serial Bai Hamai Bahoo Kahan in 2012. After these shows, she also played in many other Hindi and Marathi movies. Her best role played was the role of a mother whose character name as Sudha for the film of Marathi Industry whose name was Bhet in the year 2002 and she also won many awards and appraisals for her role in these movies.

Then she also played the role of a mother of a young boy in the movie Aevdhe Se Aabhaal in the year 2007. In the film her son could not cope with the divorce of his parents and the marriage of his mother again. Recently she acted in many Hindi films. She even played in many Marathi plays. She was married to a writer and a screenwriter Prashant Dalvi Prashant Dalvi is a Marathi Screenwriter, a Dialog >> Read More... .


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